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Rhyme Time

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Earlier this week, many Whyvillians noticed a small microphone symbol on the Whyville calendar. Upon clicking it, they found out that a new activity was scheduled for that Tuesday: Rhyme Time. (There was also a dance contest, but the majority of the hour was spent with rhymes and humorous poems.) Rhyme Time was hosted by the friendliest banana in the bunch, Lopan, and by a special guest City Worker named Rhodry. Their organization and the participation of us citizens made Rhyme Time a huge success.

When citizens first entered Greek Theater, they were randomly selected a spot and then had their attention drawn to the welcome message in the middle of the screen. Underneath was Lopan alongside Rhodry. The two of them got the game started by bringing up citizens to rhyme. If you were one of the chosen citizens, you were either given a topic to rhyme about or you could choose your own. The rhymes everybody came up with ranged in sizes and varied in topics from school work to chores and even other whyvillians.

Many citizens were eager to showcase their rhyming talents, and showed their support to the other rhymers by rating their word work from 1 being just okay, to 4 being awesome. Not only was the overall participation and turn out of Rhyme Time excellent, but the politeness and respect that other citizens had when their fellow rhymers were up was very tactful.

After several rhymers had gone and it was a few minutes after five, everybody's screens refreshed to the game Expression. At this time, the rhyming game was over. City Hall announced the winners of Rhyme Time the next day in the BBS, and this is how it all went down.

First place went to tswiftroc with an average rating of 3.04 stars. Second place was clenched by mcspaz with an average rating of 2.9 stars. Closely trailing were punkers43 with 2.72 stars, falador with 2.65 stars, and ocean10kv with 2.55 stars. Congratulations to the winners!

Hopefully everybody had a good time at the activity, and are looking forward to the next Rhyme Time which will come in several weeks.!

Author's Note: Below are some pictures of rhymers who showed their skills at the activity.


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