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Tell me, where does your smile go when you exchange it for a frown?
Does it really just get overdosed on depression and turned upside down?
Or does it go into the blushing bride's wedding gown?

Tell me, where do your tears go when they dry?
Do they go back into your eyes, waiting for another blossoming love to die?
Or do they simply just hit the ground with a heartfelt sigh?

Tell me, what happens to every child's innocent wish upon a shooting star?
Do they fly towards the sky, only to get their lives ended by reality's speeding car?
Or do they follow you around, waiting to heal heartbreak's cold scar?

Tell me, why does a hug seem to make all your worries and woes disappear?
Do they just temporarily take them away, waiting to make them reappear?
Or do they really and truly take away all your uncertainty and fear?

Tell me, do the touching moments you have with a friend not sever?
Does the frosty hand of reality go through and make them last for never?
Or does the warm touch of dreams and make-believe truly make it forever?

Tell me, was the beautiful friendship we had never meant to be?
All the words that slip past my lips don't agree with yours,
Every second of my time with you is starting to feel like a long list of chores.

Tell me, what will happen next in this tragic story of you and me?


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