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Konad Nail Cosmetics

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If you're a nail-art lover like me, you're always surfing the web looking for the newest fads and best tools to keep your nails looking fabulous! As we all know, it can sometimes be hard to create that professional manicured look without being very talented when it comes to painting our nails. However, that doesn't mean you have to miss out on the satisfaction of painting amazing nails for yourself. Instead, try Konad's Stamping Nail Kits.

Konad is a cosmetic nail art company that boasts it, "sources the globe for quality, innovative, fun and safe nail products for you." The company sells everything from nail buffers to acrylic paints. From the looks of their website, they do search the globe, high and low to find neat tricks and tips for nails.

The tool I want to talk about today, mentioned above, is called a stamping nail kit. My friend recently showed me her kit while I visited her house. The kit consists of special Konad nail polishes, a scraper, stamp, and metal plates that have several designs on them. In order to get the fancy decals onto your desired nail, you simply paint your nail with a base coat or polish. While it's drying, grab the special Konad nail polish, and paint a thin mark over the decal you want to use. Now, taking your scraper, scrape off excessive polish on the decal. Finally, stamp the stamper onto the painted decal, and then stamp it onto to your nail. Voila! Quick, easy, and professional nails have been produced!

I'm really excited about this product as it's so simple, yet comes out so beautiful. It will be a great product to have around the house if you need to go somewhere fancy, but don't have enough time to run to the salon. Although it may take you a few extra minutes in comparison to those dull stickers, it will look vibrant and last so much longer.

According to their website, if you're a first time buyer, you need to buy the "Konad Stamping Set." It includes 1 special polish, 1 plate, scraper, and stamper for $15.90. If you've already bought this product, you may want to look into the other special polishes for sell. Personally, I think the Konad Princess Special polishes look the best! They come in bold colors to create several styles: flirty, fresh, fun, etc. Remember though, these colors can not be used as a normal nail polish. Only your decal will show up in this color.

So, you can see Konad is a great company for all your nail art needs. I highly suggest you check them out at, www.konadnailart.com. Who knows, you may discover a passion for nail art. This is Cohenlm saying, Adios!


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