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How to Keep Your Face Happy and Healthy

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Most of us cannot go one day without washing our faces or bam, what'ya know, you wake up the next morning with a horrifying zit on your face! You try everything to make it less noticeable but it's not working. Are you that person? Who can't go one day without washing their face? Well, there are other ways to keep your face nice and healthy. And you can still miss one or two days without washing your face!

Some people have greasy hair, and on top of that you have bangs. When your bangs are brushing against your forehead that's just going to make you have zits all across your forehead! Eek! When your hair is greasy pull your hair up in a pony tail and pin your bangs back so you aren't rubbing all that oil off on your face. That's is just a huge break-out waiting to happen.

Our hands can touch some pretty nasty things. You can touch some money that probably has a booger on it. Or you might've ran your fingers through your hair, when your hair was super greasy. Your hands are pretty dirty! One way to prevent zits is to not touch your face. The more you touch it the more dirt, and oil your rubbing into your face. If you are someone who constantly rests your cheek on your hand, you are likely to have zits on your cheek. Am I right? Try not to touch your face so much, and it'll turn out that you will have less zits all over your cheek or wherever you constantly touch on your face.

I thought I would save the main thing for last! Makeup. I have to admit, it's my best friend. I am sure that goes for every girl! You probably use it to cover up that giant zit you don't want anyone noticing at school. But makeup, is actually pretty bad for your face. Unless you wash it off real well, you're likely to have tons of zits on your face. I am not saying now that you need to stop wearing makeup. Maybe not so much though, if you want to start having a happy and healthy face!


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