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Fabulously Frugal: Fall Runway

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Hello again, Whyville! I really was inspired by previous articles about runway fashion, particularly Kittieme's article, "Coming Soon". I came up with the idea to take some fashions from the fall runway and make these designer looks more wearable for the common teenager. I put together outfits for everyday or more special occasions, one for a chilly day, and one for a rainy day. The outfits were inspired by DKNY, Yves Saint Laurent, Dolce & Gabbana and Louis Vuitton.

This runway look is a very chic color combination of black, white, and red. It's classic and simple, yet elegant. Of course, with the heels added into the mix, it's not the most wearable attire for teens today. But with a few adjustments, this DKNY inspired look can be fit for everyday life.

Top: $11 Rue21
Skirt: $32 Topshop.com
Shoes: $23 Charlotte Russe
Belt: $8.50 Wet Seal

This look still has the same sophistication that the DKNY look has, but replacing the heels with the flats makes it slightly less dressy and more easy-going. This outfit could be worn any time you feel like dressing up, or you could wear it practically whenever!

A major trend this fall is bold colored coats. This coat is made by Yves Saint Laurent and is very dramatic, especially when paired with the boots it's styled with. The coat is a bit loose in the arms, but the belt accentuates the waistline, so it isn't too baggy. Detailing is really key with this pea coat and it's very fashion forward for fall.

Coat: $40 Delias.com
Pants: $20 Old Navy
Shoes: $27 Nordstrom
Glasses: $6 Forever 21.com

Since I felt that the runway styling was a bit to dramatic for everyday living, I decided to replace the knee-high boots with a simple black skinny trouser. I thought for a shoe it would be cute to pair this classic coat with a vintage matching-colored suede shoe. The navy wayfarers are just a casual touch to this outfit. The baby doll coat had a fitted waist which does the same thing that the belt did for the designer coat. This look is perfect for chillier fall days and will always look fierce.

This Dolce & Gabbana dress is sheer beauty (literally). The simple black and white polka dot dress is well complimented by the loud print of the zebra bag and the detailed shoes. This outfit could easily be transformed from night to day with a quick accessory change and it would be beautiful either way.

Dress: $26 Buckle
Shoes: $40 Bloomingdales
Bag: $13 Tillys.com
Tights: $5 Target

This look is perfect for evening outings and special events. It's sheer like the runway dress, but the extra layer of the dress makes it more appropriate. The heels aren't gold like on the runway, but they still are "bedazzled" and fun when paired with the simple dress. Speaking of fun, this bag is almost identical to the one on the runway, but I can't even imagine how much less it costs. The tights (in lieu of the socks) still add the same drama, but also serve a practical purpose in keeping you warm on cooler fall nights.

This look by Louis Vuitton is the perfect outfit for a rainy day. The military pea coat could be boring if paired with the wrong accessories, but a brightly colored bag is the perfect match for it. The rain boots are practical but still cute, no matter what color they are, and the hat is just the cherry on top.

Coat: $30 Delias.com
Hat: $19 Buckle
Bag: $16 Zara.com
Boots: $35 Piperlime.gap.com

This outfit is a much less expensive alternative to the classic runway look by Louis Vuitton. The hat I chose to include in the outfit was more detailed and added a little more pizzazz to it, which I felt made all the difference in brightening up a rainy day.

I really hope that you all enjoyed my outfits and got inspiration to recreate some runway looks for yourself (it's super fun). I also hope everyone has a great school year full of wonderful fashion!



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