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A Shiny New BBS

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If you've been on the BBS lately, you probably noticed something different about it. People are typing . . . in color? And not just that, but they are also using other neat formats, such as bold, italicize, underlining and strikethrough. These are made possible by the use of html codes. For those of you still confused on how to use these codes, I'll explain here.

Want to speak in color? Use this format: [color=insert color here] Text here [/color] (although you don't have to use that last part)

Want to stand out using bold? Here's your format: [b] text here [/b]

Is italicize your favorite? Use this: [i] text here [/i]

What about underline? Here's the code: [u] text [/u]

Getting the idea? Last but not least is strikethrough, which will add a line straight through the middle of your text: [s] text here [/s]

There you have it! You can now go onto the BBS and test out these fun new features.

But that's not all, there were even more new updates added!

First of all, there is now a search bar in the upper right corner of the BBS. This can be used to search for keywords or users, which can help you find what your looking for.

Some threads can get a ton of posts on them, making it have a lot of different pages. It got annoying having to keep clicking on page numbers to get to the end. This is no longer a problem. There is now a button which allows you to skip to the last page, so you can quickly see what the most recent post said.

Another interesting new addition is that next to every person's avatar, there are some new symbols. They allow you to quote, reply, message or add a person as a friend. You can also see a total of how many BBS posts that person has made.

Next to some thread titles, you may see new symbols, those will tell you things like whether a City Worker has posted on it, or if it has been set to stay at the top of a topic.

There were also many other smaller changes, such as a rearrange of the 'Who's online' usernames, but you can explore those on your own.

So what are you waiting for? Go explore the new BBS features!


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