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Whyville Summerbook 2011

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With school starting up and September right around the corner, we are brought to a time where we must say goodbye to summer. There won't be as much free time to walk in the park, go swimming with friends, and even for Whyville. Lately I've been reminiscing, looking back on all the pictures I took this summer, both in real life and on Whyville.

This summer, I found that many different Whyvillians stepped up to the plate to host their own fun activities such as beauty contests, tea parties, treasure hunts, trivias, proms, and more! I think it was great seeing all the fun things everyone could come up with, using his or her amazing talents and creativity! During these fun packed events, I took some pictures for the memories. I'd like to share some of the good times with you guys, so I put together a little Whyville Summerbook! I couldn't use yearbook, because summer isn't exactly the whole year, so . . .

Enough of my rambling, enjoy!

This summer on Whyville, I met tons of awesome people and made plenty of great new friends! We had some really fun times together doing things like truth or dare, makeovers with matching outfits, going to beauty contests, and any wacky thing you could think of. Friends are what really make Whyville fun.

There were plenty of fun events and activities that Whyvillians hosted this summer that gave me and others the opportunity to meet new people and have a good time! I wasn't able to attend all of them, but the ones that I did attend were buckets of fun, such as ocean10kv's pity party, thePOC's prom, meya1's tea party, girlyleo's BCs and so many more!

I think one of my favorite things I liked to do with my friends was our games of truth or dare. Claiming alien invasion at South Beach, writing mysterious y-mails to unknown Whyvillians, and fake marriage proposals to certain City Workers is only a handful of the trouble we stirred up this summer. We'd made a lot of mischief, but had a great time doing it!

The prom that the POC held was super exciting. I, personally, found it to be a lot of fun because I got the opportunity to help my friends set it up, and it ended up being very rewarding. There were plenty of contests and dancing, and even a prom king and queen that we all got to vote on! The king ended up being DeadSnaiI and the queen was PAlNTlNG. It was a lot of fun!

Ocean10kv's pity party was a blast as well! It had fun games like truth or dare and even a best dressed contest, with a summer theme of course! Best yet 2 City Workers, Lopan and City Hall, showed up to the party and played around a little bit! It was definitely one of my favorite Whyville parties this summer.

With all these fun summer events going on, one had to keep in high fashion! I went around to some of the different parts of Whyville and found these snazzy looking summer outfits!

Chat rooms weren't the only place one could find excitement this summer, there was also plenty of fun to be had on the Whyville forums! There were tons of fun games, exciting contests, interesting debates, and even some fun threads from some games of truth or dare! *wink wink* Not to mention the awesome new BBS updates (thank you, City Workers)!

There was definitely plenty of fun to be had this summer with all the exciting events going on. To me, however, I found my favorite part to be all the new friends I made on here! The parties and games are nothing unless you have amazing friends to share it with, and I'm very grateful for all the awesome people I got to know this summer! I hope you all had as much fun as I did!

Until next summer!



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