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Make Your Own Nail Decals

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Have you ever wanted to make detailed designs on your nails but never have been able to, because painting with your non dominant hand is so difficult? Well I have a trick for you to make your own nail decals!

The decal I will be making is a Whinny the Pooh one, but you can do it with anything. I'm just going to show you how to make nail decals in general.

What you will need:

- Black nail polish
- White nail polish
- A sandwich bag
- An artist paintbrush
- Tweezers
- Different colors of nail polish (depending on what you're designing)
- A permanent marker
- Nail polish remover
- Topcoat

Step One: Take a clear sandwich bag and trace the size of your fingernails onto it using a permanent marker. This will show you the size you need to make your decals. Tape the bag down to a counter so it won't slide around while you're creating your decals.

Step Two: Use a very fine artist paint brush and dip it into black nail polish. Draw the outline of your design on the sandwich bag. Get more nail polish on the brush whenever needed.

Step Three: Using the paintbrush, fill in your design with a white polish.

Step Four: Allow the white nail polish to dry then using your paintbrush add in your colors. Remember to clean your paintbrush with nail polish remover in between colors.

Step Five: Once your basic colors have dried, add in details using your paintbrush. Also re-trace your black outline if it's not dark enough.

Step Six: Add a thick layer of topcoat on top of your designs and allow it to dry for a minimum of one hour.

Step Seven: Make sure you have colored polish on your nails, then add a top coat. Make sure alternate between adding the top coat on this step and applying the decal in step eight. Do step seven and eight together for each nail if that makes sense . . .

Step Eight: Peel off your design from the sandwich bag using tweezers, then stick it to your nail.

And that's all there is to it! Now you know how to make cool nail decals that make people say "Omigod how did you do that with your left hand?!"


Author's Note: That gross looking stuff on the sandwhich bag . . . that is nailpolish. Not anything gross.


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