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The Four Seasons: Prologue

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Author's Note: This story is about four spirits that control each of the four seasons. They have immense magical power, so that must mean there's someone that wants to steal it right? Yes! The Maotu are a group of evil spirits that want the Four's magical powers to use for their own personal gain and the suffering of others. This wonderful story is about the rising of the Maotu and how the Four go about bringing them down, this time sealing them away forever.


Have you ever wondered how the seasons change? Ever wondered what makes the leaves fall in autumn, the flowers bloom in spring? This is the work of four heavenly spirits.

Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer.

These spirits are to remain on Earth and control the changing of the seasons. Every three months one of the spirits controls its corresponding season. However, since it's a big job to control an entire season for three whole months, each spirit is allowed to adopt three human children as their own.

These children will learn how to control certain things in their season. For example, Spring might ask one of her children to help bloom the flowers, Summer might ask one of his to help the warm breezes blow. Autumn could ask one of her children to make the leaves turn color, and Winter may ask one of his children to help the snow fall. These children are also offered eternal life if they so choose to accept it.

The Four Spirits of the Seasons hold great magical power, and therefore a different group of spirits wishes to steal it. This group is called the Maotu. The Maotu were locked away in the deepest most terrible crevices of Hades because they wanted to take the Four's magic and manipulate it for their own personal gain, and the suffering of others. The Maotu despise anything that is not of their own race. Rumalus, their leader, is plotting to escape from their prison and overtake the Four.

The Four must gather their children and the many druids, nymphs and other forces of nature to assisst them in defeating the Maotu once more, this time making absolutely sure that they are sealed in their prison for eternity.


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