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Why-Rates Adventures

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It's a fine summer day, and the sun gleams dazzlingly overhead like the glorious treasure of gold. Four Why-Rates party on their ship - dancing jigs, swigging apple juice, and fantasizing about treasure from dawn 'til dusk.

Suddenly, they notice a figure approaching from the yonder sea.

ShMaYlA peers through her telescope to find something rather interesting . . . It's . . . SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS! *faints*

The discovery of the approaching ship's owner brings excitement to the Why-Rates. As the ship grows within shouting distance, the Why-Rates yell and flail around to get the attention of the famous sponge.

Shockingly, the self-centered sponge refuses the simple request of signing a few autographs.

The threat of the flying squirrel sends shivers down SpongeBob's spine. (Errr . . . it would if he had one.) Meaniepants decides to jump ship, diving into the sea and back to his pineapple abode.

The Why-Rates board the ship and descend into the depths of the vessel. The place reeks suspiciously of rotten mayonnaise (it's probably best if we don't know why), and assorted rocks are piled high to the ceiling. There doesn't appear to be anything of value until the SpOrTyAx notices a piece of paper sticking out from one of the piles.

Upon closer inspection, the piece of paper is really a dirty sock. Naw, I'm just kidding. It's a treasure map! But where does it lead? Is old man Spongey's treasure really worth finding? Stay tuned, folks!


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