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Book Review: The Nature of Jade

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"The Nature of Jade by Deb Caletti" is a great book. So great, that I had to do a review on it.

Jade is 18, a senior in high school, and has an obsession with elephants. Yes, elephants. She finds it calming to watch the webcam that the zoo has put up on their website so people can watch them online 24/7. So every day, Jade comes home and watches the elephants. Then one day, she see this boy, Sebastian. And his son, Bo. Jade goes on a date with him, and thing get serious. But what will happen when her parents find out? Will they approve of him having a baby at only 19 years old? I'm not gonna tell you . . . You have to read it and find out.

Highlights of This Book:

Romance . . . I just LOVE a cute romance story, don't you? There's a great love theme in this book. I definitely saw a lot of "If you love him, you accept him as he is" stuff in here.

Drama! Between her friends, family, and of course her new boyfriend's situation, Jade is SURROUNDED by drama.

Sore Spots:

Some mature content. The author uses some swear words. Also, the whole thing where Sebastian has a baby . . . So if you're not comfortable with that, I would NOT recommend this book.

My Personal Reaction:

It was a really good book like I've already said. I like how Jade has something that she struggles with. I personally struggle with cutting, anxiety, depression, and I have a minor type of autism. So that was a nice touch. Especially since I could relate to her personally. I was also able to relate to the fact that her boyfriend had a baby. One of my best friends is 18 and has a newborn baby girl (August 8th!).

Overall Rating:

8 out of 10

Happy reading!


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