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Why-Rates Adventures: Part 3

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Last time on "Why-Rates Adventures", the crew went to see LolzRawr's cheesecake-loving brother, Clifford, so he could interpret their map. He discovered that the treasure map led to Raven Island, where SpOrTyAx conveniently owns a summer home.

Excitement fills Club Why. The Why-Rates know they are one step closer to getting their treasure. They decide to proceed to Raven Island on their own because SpOrTyAx knows how to get there, and Clifford agrees to meet up with them there. The Why-Rates race back to their ship like a bunch of prancing leprechauns and leave the shore gleefully.

The Why-Rates press onward, leaving the familiar Whyville beach behind.

ShMaYlA and LolzRawr head down below the deck to search for some of their beloved apple juice. They pick up bottle after bottle, but they're all . ..

EMPTY! *gasp!*

Before calamity can take over the ship entirely, there's another problem to worry about. Something giant emerges from the depths of the sea.

LolzRawr laughs maniacally as she lights the suspiciously long fuse of the flying squirrel cannon. As the flame grows closer to a big kablam, the pool floaty approaches the ship. The cannon fires, and the Why-Rates watch the flying squirrel soar overhead.

The flying squirrel nails the sea monster right through the neck. The threat ahead deflates, leaving a clear path to Raven Island.

Will the Why-rates finally find their treasure? What trouble waits for them on Raven Island? What does "scuppernong" mean? Stay tuned, folks!


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