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First of all I would just like to thank everyone who voted for me and got me this far, it's an honour to make top 6. As some of you might know my name is Kelsey; account lilchiche, and I have been on whyville since 2001 so I believe I have plenty of experience and knowledge on how whyville operates and what can be updated or changed. I will do my best to act as a medium between citizens and city workers so they hear out what our needs are try my best to the job done.

Some changes I would like to see implemented are as follows:

Face Factory Update/Revamp
Style Studio Part Scroll
New Veteran Medal
Animated Part Increase
PYN Designer Search
Group Whispering

Now I know it's not a long list, but I acknowledge that the city workers have a lot on their plates, so I think if we try and focus on getting a few big things done we will be able to actually accomplish something this senate term!

Face Factory Update/Revamp - Now as recently said by a city worker (Tesract/Xavier) a face factory update is on the list of things to be done. I would like to have input on what changes are to be made, because we designers will know best the things that NEED to be updated. This will be my main focus if I become senator because whyville needs its designers. Whyville may not recognize it, but face parts are one of the main reasons people come on so they really do need to please the designers if they want to keep its citizens.

Some specific changes to the face factory I would suggest are:

- A new color palette; we all know the current color palette is not ideal in its options and sometimes it?s hard to find a specific color. I think a color wheel would be a great alternative.

- Undo Button; This hardly needs explaining, but we all make mistakes sometimes while designing (accidentally draw a line across your design, or fill the background anyone?) it would be a great help to all if we could simply undo instead of praying to god you saved your design just before the mess up.

- Larger visual design box; It would be great if we could do full screen while designing where we can see design tools, design box, and color palette all on a larger view because sometimes trying to look at that tiny square allotted is not sufficient, and zooming in does not get you to the outer regions of the design box in some scales.

- Fix tools already in place; I think we would all appreciate if the tools already in the face factory could be fixed, like the fill option working while zoomed in, and the eyedropper color selector working so we don?t have to go back to the palette and find it again. Also update all the current options so they aren?t the technology of the 90?s..lol.

Style Studio Part Scroll - Currently in style studio you must click the arrows to scan through parts in style studio, it is very tedious and I think that a scroll bar would be much better suited to save everyone time while giving makeovers. (Making the style studio faster wouldn't hurt either.)

New Veteran Medal - I personally suggest an animated platinum medal with purple ribbon; it can be given out to people at 8-10years +.

Animated Part Increase - As of now there is a animated part limit of 5 animated parts, Currently I have 6 animated gold medals, although I can put all 6 only 5 of them show up in chat rooms. Now this would not be so bad, but for those of us who like to show of our whyville pride by wearing our medals we cannot wear animated parts such as tears, smile, clap, etc. The animated face part limit should be raised to 10.

PYN Designer Search - I'm not one to remember names of my own parts, much less the names of other peoples parts so I think it would save tons of time all around if we could simply search a designer and find all of their parts conveniently! This function would be especially helpful to those who have over 1000 parts as pyn shows only your first 1000 parts (in order of id) so you have to search the name of any part you want that is not showing in the first 1000. (which usually involves me having to look at my parts through my satchel to first find the name of it!) This change would be greatly appreciated.

Group Whispering - Ever had something private to say to multiple people and had to type it out to each of them? It's a pain! I suggest when you right click someone to get the drop down menu there's an option for group whispering and once you click group whisper you could simply click everyone you want to include in the group whisper. You then proceed to tell them all the same thing at once without any prying eyes seeing or having to type it out over and over.

Okay, for those who stuck around to read all that I appreciate it a lot, and I hope you will consider lilchiche when you vote for the next senators! I will try my best to get things accomplished, and be a voice for all citizens. If you ever have a question feel free to ymail me and I will answer it as soon as possible.

Thanks again for your time and consideration,


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