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Hello Whyvillians, I'm ocean10kv (which I suspect you have already figured out). Anyways, you can call me Kelsey and I want to be one of your new Senators! If you check out my City Records you will see that I have been on Whyville for over 1390 days since June 26, 2006. I earn 252 clams a day, I'm a y-mail and a Gold Street Team Member . . . so I'm just gonna be slightly narcissistic and tell you that I know quite a bit about Whyville. Some of you may have seen me in the Whyville Times, I'm a Senior Times Writer. Writing for the Times is how I help contribute to Whyville, and I want to contribute even more by being one of your top three Senators!

I feel that it's my obligation to inform you that I DO in fact have a job outside of Whyville. I realize that this may be an issue for some of you seeing as there were many difficulties last time with a Senator having a job. But I mostly just work Sundays and Thursdays. I will be on Whyville at least an hour a day for any questions you need answered, or if you simply just want to know what's up with Whyville. I also check the Forums daily so I know what it is the citizens want to see in Whyville.

Contrary to some peoples belief, Whyville Senators do not have very much power. All they can really do is share ideas between the Whyvillians and the City Workers. And that's what I would do. I would try my hardest to inform City Workers of what you guys want. Ideas such as these I would fight for:

- Informing us exactly what word is considered "inappropriate" in our BBS posting so we know what to fix so our post is accepted.

- Adding a "back button" in the Whyville Times. It's really annoying if you search up someones articles, scroll through a few pages, click on an article only to find out it's not the one you want, then you have to go back to the current edition and start over.

- Sell scions back if you don't want them anymore.

- Be able to send someone more than one facepart from your satchel at a time.

- Create another venue so more plots are available in the Land Office. To make space we could get rid of some unused rooms, like the 25 Meadow rooms... do we really need that many?

- Be able to delete books in your satchel. If we have a limit in our satchel and everything takes up space, I'd rather get rid of some unused books than face parts if I'm at my limit.

- We have a list of City Workers, but I think that list should also include what their job is in Whyville. This would be helpful because if a citizen has a question about a certain area of expertise, they could ymail the corresponding City Worker.

- A "Relationships" section in the BBS so the "Health & Science: Human Body" section won't be filled with dating/romance threads. This section could be used for ANY relationships; friends, family, neighbors, etc . . .

- The ability to add items to your cart in Akbars without having to go to the checkout screen right away so you can continue shopping.

- Better tools in the face factory, like a smudge tool. Also there is that gray colour on the colour palette that when used, it turns out to be an eraser. That shouldn't happen, it should be a colour!

- More chances to get FFV's . . . there should be a clue as to where they might pop up.

- More seats in the Style Studio.

- A longer period of time for animated face parts to work, such as the clapping, the tear, etc . .

- Revamped filters. I know this is on the list of what City Workers want to accomplish, but it would be seriously helpful if the filters were revamped.

- Lift the trading post clam limit.

So there's some ideas, and if I get elected I promise to take all the good ideas you guys have to the City Workers so we can get some of these things done! I will frequently post in the "Ask the City Workers: Announcements" thread in the Forums to keep people up-to-date with what's happening. And I will also do my best to get some sponsors for Whyville so we can get some new activities around here!

So with all that being said, vote ocean10kv! And good luck to the other Top 6 Candidates!


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