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Wow . . . I am totally speechless. I'm so excited and grateful that I have made it this far in the senate election. I honestly couldn't have done it without all of you who voted for me and helped me get to this position. I would also like to wish the best of luck to the other competitors in this senate race; lilchiche, xoxkitkat, ocean10kv, kittieme, and deadsnaii! Before I get into the overall point of this article, I'd like to tell you a little about myself and why I truly think I could be best fit for one of the three positions for senate.

My name is Nicole, I am currently 17 years old, and will be turning 18 December 14th, and have been on whyville.net since the early years of 2006. I am a senior in high school and will be attending university afterwards to get my master's degree in business and management, with a minor in graphic design. I am in four different clubs which could overall help with my senate position. These clubs are FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America; 4 years), FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America; 4 years), Youth-in-Government (1 year), and Skills USA (4 years). My hobbies include drawing, writing, and eating (who doesn't love to eat!). Enough about me though, let's get straight into my updated platform!

Overall Topics Discussed:

Face Factory Improvements
Favorite Chat Room Button
Live Chat
Pick Your Nose Improvements
Salary Games
Satchel Improvements
Server Space
Trading Post Improvement
Why-cash Policy

Face Factory Improvements: We all know that there could be some major improvements with the Face Factory. I think there should be a lot more tools available for the people designing to make designing a lot less stressful, for example, there could be a Circle button, a Square button, more brushes. I think we would all like to see a more updated face factory to resemble something like MS Paint. A lot of whyvillians describe themselves designing in paint and then transfer it to whyville because paint is just so much easier to use. I think that if there was this improvement, it would allow a more diverse group of designers to come and make parts and maybe this will make remakers also want to TRY and make their own face parts instead of remaking other people's art. I also think the accepting of long shirts should be brought back because I'm sure we are all capable of being mature about things, even if it is to the point where Akbar will deny the long shirts with belly's showing.

Favorite Chat Room Button: I thought that it would be a great idea to have a favorite chat room button at the top of the whyville screen beside all the other logos but behind the log out button. This would allow people to assign their favorite chat room and when they click it, it will take them to that room instead of making them scroll through the list to search for their go-to room.

FFV's: Akbars Face Mall has always been the place to buy parts, but what if he also sold FFVs there and you could buy them with clams. A lot of whyvillians don't want to spend or don't have enough money to spend on whyville and it kind of puts them in the dark without the benefits. I myself don't have a pearls allowance or buy very many pearls, but I know one of the advantages of pearls is to buy FFV?s with them. I think we should be able to buy FFV's from Akbars Face Mall for 500 clams (the amount everyone usually sells for) and it would allow a lot more people to get a hold of them and sell them for cheaper or even to get more people to design. I also think that more FFV's should pop up around whyville in ALL the rooms instead of South Beach and The Woods.

Give-A-Ways: Everyone loves Give-A-Ways, so why don't we have more of them? Pearls, Face Parts, and maybe even Rare Face Parts could be given away at events in whyville. Instead of just giving pearls or clams at the time of the Holidays, we could have more give-a-ways throughout the month, maybe once or twice a month. I also think that we should get a special gift from city hall herself for our birthdays! Whether it be 100 clams or a special birthday part, it would be nice to receive a gift!

Live Chat: Many whyvillians have talked to me about having some sort of Live Chat at the bottom of the whyville screen like a popular social network website online. We could see who is available or even online, whether it is everyone who is online right now, or just people in our friends list, because not all of us like sitting in chat waiting for our friends to come, and some may be doing something so they don't receive our Friend Finder requests (such as trading with a friend, posting in the forums, or talking with another friend in a different chat room). It could be just a simple chat to talk to our friends even when we aren't in the same chat room as them. We would be able to log off and on and appear to be Available, Busy, Away, or Offline.

Pick Your Nose Improvements: Who doesn't love to pick their nose! Haha. There could be a lot of possible improvements in the Pick Your Nose section in whyville. Such as; the ability to save your look, the ability to change your skin color with the same head on, including the designers name with the part name, and having the date on the part. With the ability to save different looks, and going back to choose that look, people wouldn?t have to bother with remembering what their look looked like or trying to get it to look like they did before. All you would do is click save, and then when you return to pick your nose, it would have a category named "Past Looks", and you would be able to choose your look that you saved before you changed it. With the skin color option, it would make it a lot easier to change your avatar. All you would need is to have the color panel with all the colors available, and when you click on your head in pick your nose, you could choose a color to match the skin color of an outfit. The last thing would be to include the designers name and date onto a part into the description when you hover or click on a part. It would make it a lot easier to tell which a remake is and what the real part is. In addition, I also think you should have the option to delete parts straight from Pick Your Nose, so you didn't have to search for the part in your satchel.

Salary Games: I think we should have a lot more and easier salary games on whyville. I mean, in Akbars it does have an option to go to 500 Clams for a face part for a range, so why can't we earn that much? Also, many people have troubles with the current games, I know myself for example, cannot complete all the levels in some of the games because they are just too hard, so how would it be possible for someone younger than me to do it all?

Satchel Improvements: I think that the satchel could use a lot of improvements. Such as, having the designers name under a part, having a checklist, having unlimited satchel, and having all of the parts displayed on one page in scale 1 view. With having the designers name under a part, people can determine what is a remake and what isn't. Also having a checklist on whyville would make it a lot easier to send or delete a group of parts to one person. I know all of us have a trouble with running out of room in our satchel so this could make it better for us to send all of our parts to a backup account. Also, being on the topic of satchel space, I think everyone should have unlimited satchel, not everyone has a why-pass when they were available or a pearls allowance, so it would be a lot better for everyone to have an unlimited satchel. Finally, I think we should be able to see all of our parts in scale 1 on one page in our satchel; it would make it a lot easier to search for parts to send/delete and also see what we have in full scale.

Server Space: We all know whyville has the problem with server space running out, but if we were to get rid of all of the chat rooms no one ever uses, we could save a lot of server space for all of us to have an unlimited satchel, I mean we are sending our extra parts to spare account, so it takes up the same amount of server space, so why can't we just have it all on one account? Freeing up server space would also give whyville the amount of space for a new chat room with Daytime/Nighttime changes. It would be amazing to see a chat room that the background changes with the time of day, for example, if it is 3 P.M. in sun would be out, and when it hits 6 P.M. or 7 P.M. the chat room would slowly change to a dark theme and have the moon showing.

Trading Post Improvements: All of us have had the problem since the clam hack, that the limit on the trading post is 20,000 clams. Even if it is not totally fixable, we should be at least allowed to put up 500,000 clams so we have a less chance of getting scammed for the large amount of clams. It would also be nice to see more shelves in the trading post, maybe 6 shelves for parts instead of 3. Also definitely we could use a lot less trading rooms, we sure don't need 50 different rooms, we need maybe like 20.

Why-Cash Policy: You all know that the policy on the why-cash is that the receiver of the clams has 10 days to claim the clams or it will be sent back to the sender. I think it should be a full 24 hours, and if it is not claimed, then it will be sent back within one day. A lot of us have the problem to where we send someone clams, and it turns out we didn't want that part, or we sent the clams to a scammer, so instead of waiting a long 10 days to get it back, we would only have to wait a worry-free 24 hours to get it back.

Well it looks like it is time to wrap it up. I think I have covered all of the things I would try my best to get done for all of you. This amazing time campaigning has been fun and very interesting. I think I would make a perfect senator for all of you. I show skills of being a great leader, a great role-model, and also a great friend! I will be the senator you can come to, to voice your opinion, I will listen to anything you have to say, because as citizens of whyville, you are all entitled to an opinion, and it needs to be heard. I would like to take the time again to thank everyone who voted for me, and helping me make it this far. No matter who wins the top three senate election, I'm glad all of you have shown your support and participated in the second term 2011 senate election. Again, good luck to the other 5 running, and I look forward to seeing the outcome of it all!


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