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I would just like to thank you guys so much for voting me into the top 6! Hopefully with your support, I can go all the way! For those of you who don't know, my name is Jon and I am 15 years old. I am the VP of Charitable Affairs in FBLA, and an Academy Rep. at school. So. Why should you vote for me to be a senator? Well, I want to prove to people [who think otherwise] that I know how to voice out my opinions, and that I'm not just a goofy guy you see around. OK, before I get serious, let me get all of my goof out. What did Delaware to the game? Her brand New Jersey! Haha!

1) I believe that in the Face Factory, there should be an update. Not to change the different styles and things you can use, but simply to just update them. For me, the color picker never works. It never picks the right color, and most of the time doesn't even pick one at all! Also, the paint bucket ONLY works correctly if you use it in the 1st zoom size of the design which I think is wrong. If you want a tiny space filled in, you have to have it right on, or your design will be ruined.

2) There should be an updated Y-Mail page. Along with a "Mailbox" icon, I think there should also be a "Sent Mail" icon. This would be extremely helpful to people who might have told their friends a wrong time or date, and they want to be double sure they said the right time/date. It would work in a similar way to the mail system already. Instead of deleting after 30 days, the limit would be say around 100. Of course, you could always delete them if you wanted to.

3) For the Times, I believe there should be a mature section. Yes, I know that AMae already accepts mature articles, but that are usually borderline PG-13. What I mean is AMae should accept mature articles, and leave them with the rest of the Times, just have that red M on them. And these articles wouldn't be rated R, or anything, just regular PG-13, since most of us in real life watch those rated shows/movies in real life anyways.

4) In PYN (Pick Your Nose), I think that you should be able to see the designer who made the part, along with the date the part was made. This would save time with us either a) having to go to Style Studio to find this out, or b) having to search the part in our satchel.

5) Who gets bored of those same-old board games? I know I do. So why not try and find a sponser, and set up some new ones?! Chess, Scrabble, and Connect Four are some of the game I can think of that I would want on Whyville.

6) I know that the CW's have said something about fixing this problem, but I think that the Style Studio slow-down should be looked at again. There are way too many people being scammed because they can't go to Style Studio and have their make-over because it doesn't load for them. All they would have to do is do the same thing they did for the BBS to make it faster, right?

7) Story time. For those of you who are over a year old (on this site :P) know what I'm talking about. Last summer, a CW would come to Lake Whyville and host a story time. The winner would receive a clam prize. I know that summer is almost over, but who cares? We could have it inside say the spin speak lounge and have hot chocolate while telling stories! This would be a fun way to get creative minds thinking.

8) As most of you have noticed, whenever you gift parts from you to your friend, the date is changed. This doesn't mean much to some people, but to others, this is very annoying. If the part had its date re-set, then no one truly knows when it was made. It could be a remake that someone is trying to sell you for the price of the real part.

9) Personalized quills. This has been brought up before, but I am just backing it up. For those of us who have quills, and those of us who want quills, this benefits you. With personalized quills, you could name your quill color (an appropriate one), and it would work the same way as a dance - only one color at a time. It would cost maybe 50 clams to make your color, but that lasts you until you change it. As far as choosing the colors, the color palette should be something similar to that in the Face Factory when you're designing parts.

10) Filters. These really do need to be turned-down a notch, don't you think? They have gotten to be so up tight that people are getting taped for saying their friend's name. Also, if you spell a [bad] word or phrase with 2 or more words, then the filters catch it. Even if you are saying nothing bad at all. I think that should be removed, since I know it bugs a lot of people.

11) Medals. I think that medals should be given out at two times in the year: [the beginning of] April, and [the beginning of] November. This would be primarily to benfit those who feel they don't get the appropriate medals for how long they've been on. For example, if you joined Whyville April 16, 2011, your first bronze award would not be until April 1st, 2013. By that point, you've almost been on -2- years, getting only a -1- year medal. By adding in the 2nd date, you would have your first award on November 1st, 2012, which is way closer to a year than April 1st, 2013.

12) Long shirts. They have been banned from Akbars for years now. Isn't it time to bring them back? I know that he banned them because people did inappropriate things with them, but that was in the past, and this is now. When you think about it in the real world, almost all punishments have an end period, or they at least get lighter. Whenever a parent grounds a kid, they get whatever they lost back, right? Whenever a criminal does something bad, they usually get let out, or at least have bail, right? So why can't long shirts be the same way? Also, if people abuse them, why not just punish those who do, and not everyone else?

Thank you for your time reading this, and I hope you have a great day! Please feel free to y-mail me about any questions you have. ~DeadSnaii


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