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Getting Into My Head

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I always wonder what people think of me. I wonder if maybe there's a stain on my shirt somewhere and I missed not seeing it and wore it to school. I think hopefully no one will see it if there is. I hang with the coolest people so I don't get made fun of for being with all the nobody's around school. At my school everyone plays soccer. To fit in, I started to play soccer. But, maybe this isn't what I want. This isn't what I want to live and be like for the rest of my life. Why couldn't the drama stop getting into my head?!

I hated soccer. But hey, it got me into a clique. But once I got into the clique, it wasn't what I thought it really was. They gossiped about all my friends. They wouldn't let me go swing at recess, I had to go play soccer or four square with them. But I would rather swing with my real friends. They would judge people for who they were. They had it in their heads that others needed to change and be "perfect" like them.

I lived that life for about 4-5 years. Then when I made friends on Whyville, I realized what real friendships were like. They don't make you change who you are, or gossip about your friends in front of you. That's when I realized I had to stop being someone else, and stop letting them get into my head. I quit soccer and tried a new game, Softball! Softball is my life now. Never have I ever been so dedicated to something in my life. But now I have softball. The clique was unhappy with this but they still wanted me, just so they could criticize everything about me.

I started upsetting them by getting up, and walking away when they talked about one of my friends. Or if I was on the swings and they asked me to come play, I acted like I couldn't hear them. They got annoyed with me and let me out of the group. I was upset on the outside, but deep down, I felt like I was rejoicing. I was free to be me! I could be whoever I want in my life, and I am the only one who should be able to make this choice! All that gossip that was going on and still going on in my life shouldn't bring me down. I deserve a happy life, and so do you. Don't let all the drama, and bullies get to you. Be yourself. Don't listen to all the people trying to hold you back in life! Don't let them get into your head!

Author's Note: Thanks Kitteme for being there for me! I couldn't have come through a lot of things without you!


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