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Why-Rates Adventures: Part 4

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Last time on "Why-Rates Adventures", the crew thought they hit a serious snag when they ran out of apple juice. Things got serious when a giant sea monster rose from the sea, but LolzRawr took care of it with the flying squirrel cannon.

The sea is clear all the way to Raven Island, which grows closer and closer on the horizon like a Frisbee in slow motion. The Why-Rates drop anchor and set foot triumphantly on the shore. Clifford waits on the beach, tapping his birdie foot impatiently. He takes the map from SpOrTyAx and starts directing the Why-Rates through the island.

The Why-Rates continue on with Clifford leading them. He hops ahead, periodically looking down to check on their progress.

All is going well until the unthinkable happens. ShMaYlA makes the foolish mistake of skipping onward with her eyes closed blissfully. She trips over a deviously placed yellow bicycle and falls to the ground. She clutches her toe in agonizing pain.

ShMaYlA gestures to bring Cliffy in close. She whispers in his ear the words she's always longed to tell him:

"I have always loved . . . nachos."

Clifford nods understandingly, and then the rest of the crew leaves for the river.

After taking a good look around, the Why-Rates decide to investigate the big red "X" on the shore of the river. They use their hands as shovels to dig through the sand.

After digging for what seems like an eternity, the Why-Rates feel the smooth wood of a treasure chest on their sandy fingertips. They finish unearthing it and bring it up to the surface. The Why-Rates crowd into a circle as Cliffy opens the chest.

The crew walks off into the sunset and to the nearest pawn shop. As it turns out, however, old used clarinets do not fetch such a fine price these days. And that ends the tale of the Why-Rates - a tale of chills, thrills, and five dollar bills.

Authors' Note: Thanks to lilly4132, SpOrTyAx, LolzRawr, and ShMaYlA for volunteering to star in this comic. And thanks to the readers . . . for reading!


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