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Love Will Find a Way

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Once upon a time there was a 24 year-old young man. His name was John. Not very many girls loved him. He had no charm, and he was a nerd. He had the best job, a doctor. Everything had to be a teachable moment. He would find a girl, and that girl would end up dumping him in a flash. Only because of his few little flaws. But none of the girls took the time to get to know him. No one knew the real him. Deep down he was a loving caring guy. Past the nerdy glasses, the blond short hair, and his intelligence was a nice guy. No one ever got to meet that guy.

One day John was at work. He was overbooked with patients. After he got done with his patient he quickly shuffled through the hallway, saying a few "Excuse me's" and "Sorry's" here and there. He got to the door of his next patient's room. He stopped in front of it, let out a deep sigh, relaxed his shoulders, and smiled. He walked in. With amazement, he saw a beautiful young lady sitting in a chair. Her hair was a chocolate brown color. It rested on her chest with a beautiful headband completing it at the top of her head. She wore a gorgeous brown blouse that brought out her brown hair, and eyes. John walked in smiling brighter than normal. "H-h-hello!" John said. He shook her hand. Staring her down for a good 6 seconds. John grabbed the clip board that was hanging on the wall. It read:

Name: Mary Ann Alexa
Age: 23
Issue: Pain in my eardrums.

John stopped reading the chart there. He sad down beside her and took a look in her ears."Oh my!" John said. "Wha-What?! What is it Dr. John?" Mary Ann asked, with tremble in her voice. "Ma'am, I think you have a rare disease, that will make you preeminently deaf. Please, come with me, we can fix it, we need to before it gets too-" Mary Ann went into shock! She couldn't take it all in. She passed out. She fell on the floor with a huge thud. John opened the door and shouted, "Quickly, hurry! She passed out! Hurry guys! Come on! I need help!"

To be continued . . .


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