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Homecoming: A Night to Remember

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"Did you find a dress?" "How about a date?" "Who are you going with?" "I can't go ALONE." "I'll never find anything to wear!"

These are the things I've heard from almost every girl in my school since the date was released. Homecoming. The first formal dance of the year. There's spirit week, and the pep-rally, the football game, and then finally, the Homecoming Dance. You either spend every waking moment planning it to be perfect, or you dread the day that you have to go and dance in front of everyone. But whether you want to go or not, homecoming is on the center of your mind.

So. I wanted to get a few peoples' opinions on homecoming. I've interviewed the following people. My boyfriend Rocky, my best friends Ingrid, Danielle, and Val, and the Sophomore Class President Morgan.

MeBeLizzi: So, as homecoming approaches, what is the thing that you are looking forward to the most?

Rocky: Not the dance necessarily, but making you slow dance with me . . . And just being with you in general. Ouch! (I smacked him . . .)
Ingrid: Showing off my killer dress! I'm so excited because I designed the dress, obviously you know that but the world needs to know that I am a fashion master!
Danielle: Pshh . . . Scoping out the guys . . . Duh! I love looking for the cutest guys and rating them even if they have dates.
Val: I'm not actually that excited about it. I mean it's just another school dance, not prom. I'm going, but I'm not particularly excited.
Morgan: I just want to see how our class blends with the others. This is a great way to get to know people, and I really hope everyone has an awesome night.

MeBeLizzi: For the girls, did you buy a dress? If so, wanna describe it?

Ingrid: I didn't buy mine. I actually took the past like 2 months designing and sewing it up. It's purple, a-symmetrical, I can switch it between halter and strapless, and it's glittery!
Danielle: Oh yeah! I got a black party dress from Kohls. It's got a whole bunch of tulle under the skirt so it's really puffy, and the top layer of tulle is covered in a beautiful glittery pattern.
Val: I'm just wearing my bridesmaids dress from my dad's wedding a few months ago.
Morgan: I'm actually going tonight. I want something vintage, so I'm going to thrift stores.

MeBeLizzi: Okay, I'm dying to know. Who are you taking with you?

Rocky: You, of course.
Ingrid: I'm going with that new boy, Josh. He's on the football team and I get to wear his jacket.
Danielle: Me, myself, and I hon. I'm going solo and it's gonna make all the guys want me!
Val: My boyfriend Michael, his best friend Allante, and Allante's girlfriend Sarah.
Morgan: I'm actually like required to go with the VP, Eric. But that's okay because he asked me out a few weeks ago. Shh . . . Don't say a word!!

MeBeLizzi: What do you hope to get out of this dance?

Rocky: A special night with the girl I love.
Ingrid: A night away from my baby brother and his screaming . . .
Danielle: BOYS!!
Val: Nothing spectacular.
Morgan: I really just want everyone to have a good time, our decorating committee has spent so many hours working super hard. Ooh and I kinda want Eric to kiss me!

Well, considering I'm the head of the decorating committee, I would know all about the hard work. Rocky, you need to quit being so cheesy . . . But I still love you. Morgan, I really hope you get that kiss.

Thanks for reading Whyville!

Author's Note: The Homecoming Dance at our school takes place on Saturday. So if you are reading this on the day that the new issue of the times comes out, that would be yesterday. I interviewed these people at lunch on 10/3/11.


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