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Poet Life: Iynne

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Each week you probably notice in the Creative Writing Section Poems from Iynne are always 5-stared rated. You may know him as one of Whyvilles most talented poem writers who expresses his emotional feelings through his writing. You may know him as a y-mail helper who always writes back to answering your questions how you wished for. He is a fantastic poetry writer so I thought I might actually interview him. I'm interested to see how he sees his poems and how YOU can become like him with writing poems.

XxFUZZxXx: Hello Lynne. How did you grow more confident with writing poetry?
Iynne: I don't know . . . when my star ratings started going up. I never really wrote much until the Whyville Times, the only person I showed was my mother. Do you know that her encouraging responses made me sad about my poetry? For once, I wanted someone who wasn't supposed to tell me that it was great to criticize me.

XxFUZZxXx: What's the secret of getting a topic, that will keep your poem flowing and making it end well?
Iynne: Despair. Most of my poetry is about something to make someone understand, I just want people to feel how I do. Even if I'm feeling happy, I'll express it through such poetry.

XxFUZZxXx: What age did you start writing poetry, is it ever too early for any age of person to write?
Iynne: I started writing poetry when I was ten, I believe. I quit for a long while and began again at twelve. I believe anyone can write poetry if it's special to them. Did you know that I believe children have more understanding than teenagers? A child I know once called a poem of mine "Glitzy," I believe she understood it more than anyone else.

XxFUZZxXx: How many tries did it take until you met your dream of writing poetry for the Whyville Times?
Lynne: *wipes eyes with tissue* I believe it was November 21st, I was so proud. Hmm . . . I'll have to check later. It was so fulfilling, I believe I shined brighter than the sun for days to come.

XxFUZZxXx: Do you use your writing talents at school or anywhere else?
Iynne: No . . . sadly. My poetry is virtual for now. Oh, well, I did get one poem published in some book somewhere . . . I don't believe it is out yet. The things I write about at school have to be chosen by the teacher. Do you think she ever chooses poetry about love and sadness? Nope . . .

XxFUZZxXx: Any tips for those who are trying to write poetry?
Iynne: Free the cowz. Just kidding . . . take situations from your life and put them into your poetry, but in very vague ways. I don't know, that's what I do.

3 Tips on Writing a Beautiful Poem:

1. Are there sentences that you run out of breath or are tongue twisters? Just keep reading your poem over and over again to see if you've made any mistakes or if it either rhymes, if it flows or if there are parts that don't or need working on.

2. Is the title your using original? Interesting? That pulls the reader into it. Try not to make a poem title like "Swimming in my Aunt Bettie's Pool". Try to make it gripping, maybe starting it like "Lost in Blue". If you wanted you could start the title as your first sentence 'I QUIVERED' feeling deep bitter water surround me . . .

3. Try not get the reader lost without telling them where you are or what's happening. It might get quite confusing. For instance,

The sun beamed at me turning my face red,
The grass swayed gently in the breeze,
I was happy and could feel the atmosphere grow warmer.

Where were you, why were you there, who's with you? . . . You need to ask yourself these type of questions to keep the reader on-track on what you're trying to say.

Remember to also have fun while writing poems, it's all about fun, remember! If you maybe need more information, you might want to ask Iynne about writing a poem. Later in the series you'll be finding out more about writing stories, speech writing, diary writing, entertainment/comics and writing interviews.

Until then,
Have fun writing!


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