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Love Will Find a Way: Part 2

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Mary Ann was rushed through the hospital hallways on a hospital bed, John followed behind quickly. "Get her on IV quickly!" He heard one doctor shout. When they got to the room where they would operate on her John walked in behind them, anxiously hoping she was okay. "Sorry John, but you aren't certified to be in here" A doctor told him. "B-b-but," was all he could say. As soon as he knew it, he was being carried out by security.

John was pacing back and forth in the hallway, every know and then peering through the door window, hoping the doctors inside wouldn't notice. John was in love. Not the every day, normal, kind of love that you see in movies, or in real life, or teenager love. The kind of love that he would do anything to get. He was willing to die for Mary Ann. John really wanted to be with her, he really wanted to be her, and she be his.

After an hour and 32 minutes, exactly, on of the doctors came out of the operation room. "John . . ." He said. "You need to go home, it's 9:30 and your shift was over about 30 minutes ago . . . Why do you care so much about this girl anyway?" John looked at the doctor's name tag, he was too tired to remember his name. It read: Hello, My name is - Jamie! John had a pleading look in his eyes. "Jamie, I love her!" "Dude!" Jamie said, disappointed. "You say that with ALL the patients then you have a romantic night together then the girl always ends up leaving you . . . Same story EVERY time!" John looked at Jamie shamefully. Knowing that it sadly, was true. "But this time I really mean it!" "You always say that." Jamie paused. "ALWAYS! Look, it's late. Go home. You're lucky that I haven't told your boss that you go around flirting with every girl that walks in here!"

John walked out slowly, and awkwardly. Knowing that everything he said was true. He knew he needed to change his ways, but it wasn't his fault that no one loved him. He was too nerdish. "For a nerd he is such a player!" He heard a doctor remark from around the corner. As he walked out the door he held back tears. And as soon as he hit the car, they all came pouring out.

The next day John went to work. It was his job to check on Mary Ann every hour that day. John looked at her information papers, it wasn't her ears that had an issue. "Yes!" John thought! "She won't have to be deaf!" He read on:

Mary Ann was diagnosed with cancer in her brain, lungs, and heart, at 9:46 last night.
The following doctors are checking on her hourly today:
John, every hour.
Meredith, every hour and 30 minutes for her IV.

"CANCER?!" He thought. "Oh my gosh! My love has cancer?!" The clock rung 9:00. It was time for him to go check on Mary Ann. He didn't know if he had the guts to face her or not. He couldn't look at her. Cancer, Mary Ann. Mary Ann has cancer. He couldn't process it.

Will John be able to go check on Mary Ann? Will Mary Ann be able to survive cancer? If Mary Ann and John do date, will she later dump him? I guess you will have to wait until next week to figure it out!


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