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Homecoming Looks For Less

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Hey girls, Homecoming is right around the corner, and you still haven't found that perfect dress? Fear no more, I have several dresses, shoes, and accessories for every style. You can find all these great dresses in stores and/or online, all for under or around $60!


Who says simple has to be boring? This dress puts a spin on the cliche "little black dress".

JCPenny, $39.99

Flashy/Crave Attention

These two dresses are great if you want all eyes to be on you. This sparkly silver dress will definitely make you shine all night (especially under the disco ball).

Nordstrom, $64.00

This one-shoulder, cheetah-print dress is bound to make a statement.

Macy's, $59.99

Classic and Elegant

If you are the kind of girl who will attend a tea party instead of a dance party, these dresses are for you. I love the dark red tones in this dress. Its modest floor length is complimented by the modern halter.

JCPenny, $53.99

When I saw this dress I immediately thought Marilyn Monroe. The ivory color is gorgeous and the belt is the icing on top. This dress shows just enough skin and looks very flowy. I bet it would look great when you're slow dancing and twirling around. Aww!

JCPenny, $49.99

Edgy and Bold

Your style shows you're unique and a trend setter. Why not have your Homecoming dress show the same? The metallic grey on this dress is very fall-ready. The ruffles will draw all eyes towards you.

JCPenny, $59.99

Now this dress is different! The geometric shapes make a unique pattern and add color to an otherwise colorless dress. I love the back.

Forever21, $22.80


If you love pink, frills, and floral prints, these dresses would suit you. This dress gives off a babydoll-sweet appeal. While other girls are going strapless, you chose sleeved. The belt keeps the dress from overwhelming your figure. The neutral tone means you can wear colorful accessories.

Nordstrom, $54

Can you say Barbie Girl? The hot pink shows off your girly style and the one shoulder looks amazing.

Macy's, $59.99


These red sandals look best with dark dresses. For you tall girls, these shoes will look great on you.

Forever21, $15.80

Black shoes go with anything and everything. They will give nice height to you vertically challenged chicas.

Forever21, $22.80

I love these peeptoe heels. They go great with light colors and pastels.

Forever21, $22.80


Piles and piles of pearls! An essential to every girl's wardrobe. This would look great with the light pink girly dress.

Forever21, $4.80

With this earthy, beaded necklace you can add a splash of color to any outfit. This would look great with a colorblock dress.

Forever 21, $8.80

I love these earrings. No matter what your age or style, you'll love the hint of sparkle.

Claire's, $10.50

I hope I've given you the inspiration you need to find your last minute look. Make sure your dress is comfortable and cute. Have fun at your fall dance!


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