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Behind the Design: Teen Titans' Raven

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Welcome back to the third edition of "Behind the Design"! This week, I am interviewing Lilpcdoll, who currently has 23 items in Akbar's! I am interviewing her about a beautiful 4-piece design she made, called: Teen Titans' Raven.

Hopeluvs: Nicole, what inspired you to make that part?
Lilpcdoll: Tony, Peny and I were doing a group set for the Teen Titans, and I decided to do Raven!

Hopeluvs: Was it hard to match up the parts of the design evenly? How did you do that so well?
Lilpcdoll: It's always hard to match up parts. Sometimes it just doesn't line up, and I delete the part. To match it, I just counted the pixels that the top left off with, then continued with them on the extension.

Hopeluvs: Do you like "Teen Titans", since you made that design?
Lilpcdoll: I watched "Teen Titans" when I was younger, but I didn't design it because I liked it, I designed it because it was just a group design we chose.

Hopeluvs: How long did it take to make the ENTIRE set as a whole?
Lilpcdoll: To make the entire set, I think it took like two days.

Hopeluvs: Wow! That is amazing how you could do it that fast! Did you have any copyright issues?
Lilpcdoll: Nope, no copyright issues!

Hopeluvs: When did you make Teen Titans' Raven set?
Lilpcdoll: To be honest I have no idea, maybe early 2011? My skills have improved a lot since then.

Hopeluvs: Did it sell out when it first came out?
Lilpcdoll: Yep, sold out in like two seconds, like most of my parts do, it's always hard for me to get my own parts . . . haha!

Hopeluvs: Did there ever come a time which it was a trend, which everyone was wearing it?
Lilpcdoll: Yea, I think back when it first came out, I saw a couple people wearing it, but it wasn't much. My designs weren't actually recognized until like this summer (2011)

Hopeluvs: Wow!! Have you ever worn the set yourself?
Lilpcdoll: I've worn it a couple times, I usually don't wear my own parts because I'd rather wear long shirts. But believe me, if long shirts are going to be accepted, get ready for 100's of new long shirts from me, and I will definitely be wearing them. Haha!

Hopeluvs: Oh man! I am SO excited about long shirts if they get accepted. I will definitely try to snag some of your shirts! Anyways, what advice would you give beginner designers?
Lilpcdoll: My advice would be just to practice. I'm not the best designer out there, but people I guess like the parts I make, haha. Just don't just draw lines, include details and don't draw for other people, draw for yourself.

Wow . . . Just doing this interview made me learn so much more about Nicole as a designer, and the parts she created! Thank you for joining us this week with "Behind the Design"! Join us next week as I interview another famous designer from Whyville!

Author's Note: Thank you Nicole for taking the time to be interviewed. I also thank my readers and supporters!


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