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Book Review: Sabriel

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Garth Nix's first young adult novel "Sabriel" is science fiction/fantasy/romance. It's full of adventure, and drama. Let's take a closer look at what it's all about.

Sabriel is one of the very few true enemies of the dead. She is a Necromancer. She cam walk the path between life and death.

Sabriel gets a message from her father. Kinda. Basically this dead thing just gives her the sword and bells of the Abhorsen . . . Who happens to be her dad . . . But that's not the point. She gets this message from her father, and decides to go and find him. Now he's a very powerful Necromancer, and has many powerful enemies. But Sabriel doesn't care. She's gonna find her dad. So with the help of a 200+ year old prince, and a cat thing made of magic, Sabriel finds out that her father's job was a lot more than it seemed.

Highlights of This Book:

Adventure! I'm the type of person who loves adventure. Basically I love all books, but adventure and action are my favorite! If you like that, read this book.

Romance . . . *sigh* who doesn't like a little romance? I love it! And although the romance in this story isn't typical, it's still really good.

A sequel!! Woo! Garth Nix is amazing and wrote a sequel to "Sabriel". It's called "Lirael". I recommend you read "Sabriel" so you can continue the series.

Sore Spots:

Sexual content. If you aren't over the age of 13, or are uncomfortable with some conversation about stuff . . . Well I'm NOT going into details but you get the point.

Overall Rating:

7 out of 10


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