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Where I'm From

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In the beginning of my time
I had a mom and a dad
A baby sister, and a puppy dog

The second year of my time
Didn't turn out so fine
Words were flung round and round
I sat there clueless on the ground

The third year of my life
Was completely different
My sister was born
My oh my, that girl could cry

By the fourth year
My parents split
By then I was good
At throwing fits

Five years passed and
Grandma had cancer
I learned to be strong
Like a ballet dancer

Six years gone by
All we do here is cry
Emily doesn't understand
Why things here are bad

Seven years passed by
Is my grandma gonna die?
I walk in silence
Around the house
Not speaking a word
Quiet as a mouse

Eight years have gone away
I have a secret
I have to say
Abusive father
I take many hits and blows
This is something
That no one knows
Until now . . .

Fast forward to year fourteen
I'm a young woman
I'm in-between
Learning about
Me, myself, and I
Where I come from
Who, and even why

I am from no one
I am just me
Special, crazy, and unique


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