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Being Senator: Kittieme

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Hello Whyville citizens! Today I will be interviewing one of our very favorite senators, kittieme. I will be asking her questions on how she became senator, and why she wanted to be one. The reason I chose kittieme, is because I think she is one of the best senators, and I hope you think so too!

kiwibomb: What was the first thing you thought when you first became senator?
kittieme: When I first found out I was senator, I was really happy. I then told my mom.

kiwibomb: What's the best thing about being a senator?
kittieme: To me, the best thing about being a senator, is being able to voice the citizens' opinions and suggestions. I have a direct link to the City Workers, and I try to use this to my benefit by encouraging people to tell me how they feel about Whyville, so the City Workers can try to the best of their ability to help please as many citizens as possible.

kiwibomb: How many tries did it take you to be elected?
kittieme: The first time I ran for senator was in October of 2009. That Senate Race was canceled mid-election process, and I was crushed. I immediately signed up to run for senator again in February of 2011. I loved being senator, and wasn't done with the ideas I was having completed, so I ran again this June. This is my last time running for senator.

kiwibomb: What age were you when you first became a senator?
kittieme: Fourteen

kiwibomb: What's the secret of becoming a great senator?
kittieme: Well, I'd have to say being friendly and respectful to the citizens, no matter how rude or nasty they may be to you. If you don't want to be seen as a negative person, you've got to just keep your head up and sometimes swallow your two cents if they insult another person. I think that this is a crucial trait that senators should have. The job is all about socializing and talking with citizens, so if you can't do that without getting rude, being a senator may not be for you.

kiwibomb: Any tips on how one might be elected?
kittieme: I would suggest campaigning early! Send out those y-mails, make face parts, host BCs or Treasure Hunts, and simply get yourself known. The more people see your name on the welcome page or in chat, the more likely they will see your platform and go, "Oh! I know who that is. Guess I'll vote for them."

I hope you enjoyed this interview and I hope this helps you if you ever become interested in becoming a senator!



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