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Lions, Otters, and Owls, Oh My!

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During this past week, a man who specializes in people and relationships came and taught me and several other students on a wide variety of topics. His presentation was very interesting, and helped me get a better understanding of why some friendships and other relationships don't work out, and why some do. If you are thinking that the reason some people "click" while others don't is because of different personalities, you are partially right. What you may not be thinking of however, is that the reason why relationships are a hit and miss have to do with owls, golden retrievers, lions, and otters.

If you are sane, you're probably thinking something along the lines of, "Is she crazy?"

If you are mentally unhinged or have already heard about how these animals and personalities connect, you know that we as humans are all classified as one to three of these animals. The things that divide us into one or more of these categories are the outcomes to a simple personality quiz.

The original quiz is tucked inside my health class folder at school, but I have come up with a quiz that is fairly similar. The rules are easy - all you have to do is keep track of how many of the following statements under each category apply to you. You will need to remember the number of statements that pertain to you in each of the categories in order to get your outcome.


1.) You love to be in charge.
2.) Winning is something that you enjoy, and feel is important.
3.) When assigned in group projects, you find yourself leading the other people.
4.) At times, people call or have called you bossy.
5.) You enjoy sharing your opinions and sometimes find yourself thinking they are superior to other peoples'.


1.) You love being in large groups of people.
2.) In your opinion, life should be about having fun.
3.) You love to talk.
4.) To you, rules are often meant to be broken.
5.) Making decisions comes very easily to you.

Golden Retriever

1.) You are a loyal friend.
2.) You love to listen.
3.) People often come to you with their problems.
4.) You see yourself as shy and introverted. 5.) You would rather have 2-3 great friends than 7-8 decent friends.


1.) You enjoy having time you can spend alone.
2.) It is sometimes hard for you to make decisions quickly.
3.) You believe that things should happen in a certain way, and when they aren't done that way, it bothers you.
4.) You find patterns and logical ways things can be explained easily.
5.) People consider you straight forward and honest.

Time to count up your points!

Lion Results

If you had the most points in the lion category, then you are what is said to be, "A Dominating Personality." You love to win, be in charge, and lead others. When people are fragile or quiet, they sometimes frustrate you. You are not afraid to speak your mind, and often aren't under pressure when faced with a tough assignment or project.

Your strengths: You can accomplish difficult or challenging tasks quickly and sufficiently. You often are considered successful by others, and you don't break under pressure.

Your weaknesses: You can be a tad bossy, and get on the bad sides of some people. You can also have a temper that is best when controlled.

You're at your best when with: Owls

You're at your worst when with: Golden Retrievers

Otter Results

If you had the most points in the otter category, then you may be thought of as the life of the party. You love being the center of attention, and you feel at ease in crowds. Things like school and work aren't top priority, but you're okay with that since you can smooth talk your way into things. You are definitely seen as a people person, and enjoy conversations.

Your strengths: You can talk to people easily, and be able to relate with them. You can feel comfortable in crowds, and don't find it nerve-wracking or difficult to speak in front of large sums of people.

Your weaknesses: You can be "scatter-brained," or unorganized. Also, you can be considered naive by some people who do not understand your care-free attitude.

You're best when with: Golden Retrievers

You're worst when with: Owls

Golden Retriever Results

If you had the most points in the golden retriever category, you are considered a true friend. People are naturally drawn to you when they are in tough situations because you like to help them through troubles. You are often introverted, and have trouble speaking in front of groups of people. Crowds are uncomfortable to you, and you are at your best when around a few well-known friends or family members.

Your strengths: You are very compassionate and understanding. You are often not quick to judge others, and you have wisdom. People think of you as a peacemaker, and you don't usually start trouble or drama.

Your weaknesses: Since you are timid, people think they can take advantage of you easily. Also, you can feel nervous and uncomfortable in new situations, and not interested in trying new things because of insecurities.

You're best when with: Otters

You're worst when with: Lions

Owl Results

If you scored the most points in the owl category, then you are considered a logical thinker. Subjects such as language arts and math come somewhat easily to you, and you often find yourself thinking about overwhelming topics such as the meaning of life. You dislike being honest to people, and will be as straightforward as possible. You believe that sometimes the truth hurts, and that life is best when thought out and understood well.

Your strengths: You are often thought of as responsible and dutiful. People like coming to you with questions and find you easy to talk with. You like to keep things organized and under control, and don't usually have financial troubles.

Your weaknesses: People may think of you as too blunt or even judgmental. Sometimes your thoughts are conveyed poorly and may offend others. Decisions are hard for you to handle, because you over-analyze things and think up negative scenarios to everything.

You're best when with: Lions

You're worst when with: Otters

Out of curiosity, I took the quiz and then gave it to two of my brothers to take also.

When I took the quiz, I scored 4 points in the Owl category, 3 in the Lion category, 2 in the Golden Retriever category, and 1 in the Otter category. When my brother took the quiz, he scored 4 in the Golden Retriever category, and two in every other category. When my other brother took the quiz, he got 3 in the Otter category, 3 in the Golden Retriever category, 2 in the Owl category, and 0 in the Lion category. This goes to show that everybody will have different results, even if they are close to each other. The object of this quiz wasn't for you to realize, "Oh! This means I shouldn't hang out with a certain kind of people!" It was just to better understand why some relationships work better than others, and I hope to have helped with this quiz that I found intriguing and truthful.


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