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Trick or Treat!

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It was getting late and chilly out, and xoxkitkat, lilpcdoll, HopeLuvs, Frieians, and 7stars, the trick or treating friends, were done with knocking on doors. They were tired of walking around with quarter-filled buckets. The candy givers were just getting cheaper year by year! Frustrated and craving candy, the five friends were becoming upset fast.

Suddenly, xoxkitkat remembered something! While eavesdropping in school, she had captured an interesting rumor. Some kids in her class were talking about a mansion being filled with candy up on Old Jack-o'-Lantern Hill. "Could this be true?" they asked themselves.

They didn't hesitate due to the emptiness of their buckets and the roaring of their stomachs. It was worth a chance. They decided they would go on to check it out, but HopeLuvs wasn't so sure. She kept warning her friends that maybe it wasn't such a good idea. Ignoring her, the friends started their journey up Old Jack-o'-Lantern Hill.

The friends reassured HopeLuvs that it would be okay, and if they couldn't find anything, they would turn back. Lilpcdoll was pretending to not be scared, but as they kept on walking up the lonely road, she grew more and more frightened. Xoxkitkat was comforting her and HopeLuvs so they could reach their destination.

The brave two, 7stars and Frieians, took the lead up the road and heard crunching leaves in the dark forest. They struggled to look around with only the dim moon shining above them. The footsteps were becoming louder and louder. Trying to be brave, they all held their breath with their hearts pounding - almost bursting out of their costumes. The footsteps were coming closer . . . almost as if it was coming for them.

What was it you're wondering? Well . . . you'll just have to tune in next week, my pretties!


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