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Hello Whyvillians! It's Leprosy, aka Axel, here with an interview with our fellow citizens about a very serious issue in our generation today. Bullying. Everyone has either been bullied, has bullied, or has seen someone being bullied. Well, I went out and see what Whyvillians had to say about it.

Leprosy: Have you experienced bullying? If you have, how so?

UoChan: Yes, when I was in sixth grade. I got bullied by some girls. They bashed me on how I dress and look. In seventh grade, I had a best friend who would always verbally put me down.
Soul3ater: I've seen and heard about fights or kids being picked on and then you have the normal girl bullying/arguments.
sweet1860: I haven't been bullied, but yes, I've seen a girl at my school being bullied.
co12bo: Yes I have, it is one of the worst experiences I have ever had.

Leprosy: Did you do anything in this situation?

UoChan: When I was bullied, I really didn't do anything about it. I just ignored them and played with my own friends. In seventh grade, however, I became a loner and I had only one best friend. She started to verbally put me down, telling me she was going to jump me with a couple of other girls. I didn't have to go as far as reporting her to the principal's office though. I came up with my own strength with the help of my mom to tell her off and to tell her to leave me alone.
Soul3ater: Sometimes I try to stop it but I don't want to get involved.
sweet1860: Well, I would love to help that girl, but unfortunately I could not. Some of the boys tease her and bully her because she's a little fat and those boys are surely someone you wouldn't like to talk to. People don't really say anything to them but instead just report them to the teacher.
co12bo: I really didn't do anything to stop it, but I wish I did.

Leprosy: What was your reaction to the situation?

UoChan: At first, I cried a lot by myself without telling anyone. I didn't try to stand up for myself. I felt like I had no friends. I felt like something was always wrong with the friendship. I just let it slide when it was minor, but as it developed, I started becoming much more uncomfortable and had to address it.
Soul3ater: I think they are just wasting their time. I don't see the point in being a bully.
sweet1860: I kinda felt bad for that girl. Well, she couldn't really help it . . . only the teacher could do something about it.
co12bo: I just didn't do anything, I felt awful but just didn't really try to change anything. I do wish I did though. At the most I just would just say something like, "Just shut up," or something else.

Leprosy: Have you heard about any bullying awareness projects?

UoChan: Definitely. However, this is only because I believe there is a broader scope of awareness groups and projects because bullying also counts as child abuse (in some cases), assault, and harassment.
Soul3ater: Yes, my school has a club you can join called Rachel's Challenge.
sweet1860: No, I haven't.
co12bo: Yes I have, not a lot, but I think they are a really good thing, so many people are bullied now, it is awful. They are doing a really great thing.

Leprosy: Do you have any advice for anyone being bullied?

UoChan: Stand up for yourself. No time should be wasted on bullies making you feel badly. Tell a counselor and an adult. This is crucial. Once someone makes you feel uncomfortable like you're being abused, it must be reported!
Soul3ater: Tell someone, don't just sit there and take it. Reach out.
sweet1860: Yes, if you're one of those people who get bullied, you should totally ignore it. Ignorance kills. Trust me. That person will feel really guilty. Plus, if you're in school, you should ask the teacher or someone for help.
co12bo: Yes, don't let it go on, talk to a guidance counselor or something. And the people who are bullies are things I can't really say on Whyville. Don't even pay attention to them no matter how horrible they are or what they say. There are so many people that love you too and soon you will be away from them, just ignore them and stay strong.

Leprosy: Do you think a law should be passed in order to stop bullying? Why or why not?

UoChan: Yes, but as I have said before, bullying is already prohibited in schools because it belongs to a category of assault, harassment, and child abuse. I believe the term "bullying" is too general. Laws are already passed against assault, harassment, and child abuse.
Soul3ater: There already is a law where I live.
sweet1860: Yes, possibly yes. People get bullied and feel bad about themselves, or the person might feel sad and also start hating himself/herself which isn't very pleasant.
co12bo: Yes, people commit suicide because how horrible people can be to them. People need to have consequences for what they have done and understand it. I don't know what the law should be exactly but there should be something like that put in place.

Here you have it readers. The real encounters of bullying from our very own citizens on Whyville. So take some time to think right now. Have you ever encountered bullying? Did you do anything, should have you done anything? If you are being bullied, you should immediately contact your parents or a counselor. This shouldn't be tolerated because it can lead and has lead to horrible events such as suicide. If you are a bully, think about what your actions may cause to others. Somebody's life is in your hands if they're a vulnerable, insecure person. I hope you enjoyed reading this article and I hope you've learned from it.

Signing off,

Author's Note: A big thank you to UoChan, Soul3ater, sweet1860, and co12bo. I hope you all enjoyed my first article.


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