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Paralyzed Paradise

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Always in motion, never moving.

Forever changing, but always staying the same.

On fire all the time, but cool as ice.

When I wake up, you're the first to run through my mind. Before I drift off to sleep, you're the last. I see nothing but those intense, icy eyes of yours running through my mind. My paralyzed paradise. You don't move, but you're constantly on the run. Avoiding me, avoiding my thoughts, avoiding everything about me.

Then you come near and never leave me, ever. My paralyzed paradise, you're perfection. The games you play with me, the words you whisper softly in my ears, the smile you put on my face. You lighten me, and soon we are soaring above the rest. You never let me go, never.

You stay the same, but you've changed. You're always changing, always running off and coming back a new person. You're different every time I see you. Doesn't matter where or when, you're just there. You're always new, always a surprise. I look forward to your presence because it's exciting to be around.

You're my paralyzed paradise. You're always changing, always moving, but yet you never leave, you never manage to stay the same person. You're a confusing mess, my sweet perfection. Confusing, confusing mess. You and I grew up together, you and I hang out together, and someday you and I may die together. You do your thing and I do mine, and we click.

The last thing before my eyes as I drift off to sleep is my paralyzed perfection.

I'm in your arms, and you promise to never let me go. Your breath warms my soul and your burning skin shudders under my cold body. You hold me tighter, protecting me. I stare at you, my paralyzed paradise. Always changing, always moving, never leaving, never stay consistent. . .

Your words dance across the small space between us to my ears, but before their sweet joy can enter my mind and permanently engrave themselves in my brain, you're gone. . .

And I wake up in my cold, dark, lonely room.

My paralyzed paradise, never meant to be mine.



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