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Once upon a Sportplatz, there were two happy-go-lucky kids named Melanie and Andy. It was no ordinary day in the land of Whyville, oh no, it was Halloween! The two had decided to meet up to make trick-or-treat plans, they were gonna strike it big this year! The two of them were in search of only the best candy (lots of it!) and they would do just about anything to meet their goal.

While the two were discussing in Sportplatz, an old man drove up in a shady looking van and offered them some candy. Psh, that's the oldest trick in the book! What idiot would fall fo- . . . I guess these two would. Excuse me while I go bang my head against a brick wall. But in all honesty, if these two actually get their candy, I'll give everybody reading this 1 million donuts (with sprinkles!).

Once they got into the old man's car, they found out that there, unfortunately, was no candy (surprise, surprise). HAHA, no donuts for you!

The old man may not have had any candy to give them, but he did know where to get the best candy in ALL of Whyville! It was going to be a long journey though, even longer than my math class right before lunch! Melanie and Andy were in it to win it though, so they asked the man to take them to the mansion!

They arrived at a pretty creeping looking mansion, but that didn't throw them off!

So the two went inside the dust filled mansion and came to the haunted staircase. They looked up the seemingly endless stairs and braced themselves for the mission of a lifetime.

Melanie and Andy climbed and climbed and climbed . . . and climbed, for what seemed like forever and a day. I gotta say, that's pure dedication, climbing that far just to get some candy corn, or pure stupidity. Either way you wanna look at it.

A year later, on the following Halloween, Andy and Melanie FINALLY reached the 1234567th floor of the Haunted Mansion! But when they arrived, they found nothing but a pitch black room filled with monstrous looking eyes!! Had they been bamboozled?

Nope! Apparently the light switch had just been turned off. When the lights came on, the old man saw the two kids and was about to congratulate them on finally making it up there, but they were fast asleep. Hey, walking 1234567 flights of stairs would make you tired too! So, he ate all their candy corn!

Well butter my rump and call me toast! There was an elevator all along. That just goes to show, always listen to your mom and dad, and never take rides from strangers with candy!

Happy Halloween!

Author's Note: Thanks to Troubles for being in the comic!


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