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Trick or Treat: Part 2

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The last time on "Trick or Treat", the friends had a breathtaking encounter with some eerie footsteps that left them spooked. What was it, you wonder? Well, read on and you'll see.

The footsteps came closer, and out of the woods came a mother deer! She was a special deer; she could talk. The mother deer explained to the friends that she had seen trick or treaters come and go trying to reach their destination of the candy-filled mansion, but always saw them run out of the woods terrified and screaming. She gave them a few pointers on how to reach the mansion.

The friends were chickening out by the minute until something caught their eye. A bright light from the top of the enormous hill shot in to the sky. It showed a candy cane! Their thoughts were changed faster than the speed of light, and with no second thought they started again.

The jolly trick or treaters continued on their path to the mansion and soon heard the roaring water. Could it be the river with the bridge? Excited, they started running towards the noise, and there it was. The bridge was shaking as if it were about to snap.

Nervous and scared, the friends began to bickered on an on about who was going to go first and who was more important. Of course, none of them wanted to risk their lives and be the first to fall off. In the middle of all the arguing and the drama, there was a huge *RIIIIIP*. It was HopeLuvs, who had uprooted a tree out of the ground!

HopeLuvs knocked the tree over to the other side, and the friends crossed the river happily without any risk. Then, they came across another conflict. The trail divided in to two.

They went with Frieians's suggestion and divided up. They made a plan that if they didn't find anything at the end of their trails, they would return. 7stars and xoxkitkat went took the right trail, lilpcdoll, Frieians and HopeLuvs the left.

Will the friends make it out alive? Will they reach their destination? You'll see that in part three . . .


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