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Hello guys, back again and this week as I said before I'll be interviewing one of our best comic writers. Earlier this week I interviewed one of our senate winners also known as our Comic Queen. This week I've interview Xoxkitkat. A few of her comics including "Hunger Games" and "Bad BC" have all been filled with humor. Let's get into it!

XxFUZZxXx: Hello xoxkitkat, how has it been going as a senator?
XoxKitkat: Um, I haven't really gotten the chance to do much of anything yet, but everyone's been really sweet about offering their congrats!

XxFUZZxXx: You're a great senator by the way. Anyway we all know how great you are at doing comics, what's the secret?
XoxKitkat: Oh, thank you! Haha, I usually come up with my ideas for comics by just having really random conversations with my friends. I most notably get my inspiration by hanging out with Troubies.

XxFUZZxXx: When did you start doing comics for the Times?
XoKitkat: Ummm, I'm not gonna pretend I know this by heart, I had to go look in the archives, haha. My first comic was a collaboration that was published on February 6, 2011.

XxFUZZxXx: What's the most important thing with comics?
XoxKitkat: I think what's really important in making a comic is clarity, both in a literal and figurative sense. For one, you have to make sure one can read the screenshot, and two you need to keep the storyline clear so readers will be able to follow along. Too much randomness isn't always a good thing.

XxFUZZxXx: How do you get Whyvillians to help you out with the comics, by acting and saying stuff. Do you y-mail them a script?
XoxKitkat: Usually people are really enthusiastic about being in comics, it's not hard to find someone to help out! When I first started out, I kept to a script, but after a while I just began to improvise because the group of people I usually make comics with can easily bounce ideas off of each other.

XxFUZZxXx: Any tips for us so we can see more comics in the newspaper?
XoxKitkat: If you're just starting out, try making the comic with a small group of friends, because I've learned the hard way that working with a large group or with people you don't know that well can end up in mass chaos . . . haha!

3 Tips on Making Comics:

1. Try to make them entertaining. Don't make them boring. Your entertainment might be humorous, sad or scary. You might have a bit of both, it's like telling a story but in pictures. It's really fun!

2. Make a script. Yes it's like a movie but you do need words to say, don't you? You could either y-mail them the words or get them to speak random words.

3. Like Xoxkitkat said try to avoid have a big group of people. If your comic has them, it may take a little bit longer. It's hard to control lots of people. Maybe have a smaller group of friends. It could make it much easier!

Thanks Xoxkitkat for the interview. Good luck in the future as being a senator.

As you would of probably noticed I'm coming to the end of my series of interviews. Two more interviews left but that won't be the last of me. Next one I'll be doing is Interviewing! So make sure you tune back next week with my special guest! Make sure you take a crack at doing your own comic. It's super duper fun!

Keep on writing . . . Until next time,


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