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Author's Note: Someone who has never gone through this will read it and laugh, while ridiculing a Pacman addict. But a person who understands it will cry along with me, sharing my last tears and my last feelings of despair. I say Pacman, but what do you call it?

I think I finally give up. You've held me in your game for so long, I am proud of you. When I quit, don't feel like I am giving you up; I'm not. I believe in you, but I do not love you anymore. You are no longer enjoyable, I can't see any reason to keep on. You are not my type of game, I'd rather play hide and seek. I've been playing that for so long that I have mastered it. I am nothing anymore, not compared to you and the other players. I used to laugh at the ones who made you seem too expert to be messed with, but they were right. You have torn me to pieces just being what you are. I am weak.

I go along, eating up as much as I can, soaking it all in so I can go on knowing how to play. A lot of times I get caught in a bad situation and the little portals send me somewhere else, in a much more fun place. I don't have a high score, but I could have if I hadn't failed so many times. It seems like you hated me -- you know I couldn't play so well! You made it difficult to even try. Anyway, I noticed that my character was a paler yellow than it should have been. Did you do that, or did I?

I have played you so many times! I'm just . . . failing. I never win. I've played most of your levels, but for some reason I can't get to the last few! Why can't I reach those? Don't you like my company, Pacman? I don't think anything is good enough for you. But, then I look at those people way up on the high score list. And I see that there is a lot that you'll accept! But you won't accept me. I'm not good enough. I've never liked the word "enough" . . . enough is never enough. We always want more, don't we? Yet you give us so many tries. That's a factor in what I feel makes me a failure. You've given me so many tries, but I always screw them up one way or another.

And so, Pacman, I am giving up. I'm sorry -- I wish I could stay longer, but it's not that easy. I want to close this with lyrics in which I feel my article can relate to.

"You know I love you, but I just can't take this,
You know I love you, but I'm playing for keeps,
Although I need you, I'm not gonna make this
You know I want to but I'm in too deep."


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