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Twister Fish!

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Twister Fish!

by shelly1
Guest Writer

The one and only Twister Fish in the world has taken over the whyville pool!

Many scientists thought that this monster had become extinct in the Ice Age, but now it has somehow gotten onto the Internet, and it can't get out! So it goes around to chat sites and scares people! This fish was almost dead until it found this source of water!

Beware of the twister fish!

This fish feeds on toenails and fried green tomatoes so i recommend that you don't stick your feet in the pool. He has very sharp teeth but very bad aim, and he might bite your toes off or mabye your whole foot, but don't worry he will just eat your toenails. You can find the rest of your foot somewhere in the pool.

The twister fish is also known to cause twisters underwater. That is another way he catches his prey. Sometimes he has fried green tomatoe casserole with toenails on top. The twister fish is related to the piranah but is very picky.

The twister fish looks like a puffer fish but has large fins to create the twisters and the twister fish also has 4 legs that you can't see under water but appear when walking on land. Also the twister fish has a fin on top of its head. What it is used for: unknown.

The twister fish originaly comes from the Dead Sea and has salt on everything it eats. Please look out for the twister fish swimming in the Whyville pool!

Note from Times Editor: What does the Twister Fish look like? Enquiring Whyville Times readers want to know! Draw the Twister Fish and email it to me. I'm offering a 100-clam prize for the best picture of the Twister Fish!


Looks peaceful enough...who would've guessed that the Twister Fish lurks within.


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