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Behind the Design: Grandma Called

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Welcome back to "Behind the Design"! This week, I am going to be interviewing iRUNaway, about her set called Grandma Called. Grandma Called is a unique, antique looking dress with an extension, which comes with glasses as well!

HopeLuvs: Welcome! Thank you for taking the time to be interviewed today! Let's begin. When did you make this set?
iRUNaway: I made it near the end of August.

HopeLuvs: How long did it take for you to do the set, entirely?
iRUNaway: In total, this specific set took me roughly 25 minutes (as you can tell by the little effort).

HopeLuvs: Wow! It looks so detailed, that I can't believe it took only 25 MINUTES?! Well anyways, how did you get the extension to line up perfectly with the shirt? Any advice on how to make extensions match perfectly?
iRUNaway: I used paint. I just copied the top, and pasted it in to paint. From there, I counted exactly how many pixels each section was. From paint you can also make rough sketches of what you want the bottom to look like.

HopeLuvs: Just to clarify, a lot of designers use this technique to make their shirts and extensions line up perfectly! Anyways, what inspired you to make this set, Grandma Called?
iRUNaway: Hipsters.

HopeLuvs: Is there anything interesting about the set, as far as the design or background behind it?
iRUNaway: I got really interested in the whole "hipster" look, so I looked up some outfits. Then, I came up with this one.

HopeLuvs: As they always said, trends will always come back! So, why did you choose a design that is a grandma style?
iRUNaway: Again, it's all about the uniqueness, something people in the 60's - 70's would wear.

HopeLuvs: In the 60's ? 70's, the looks were SO interesting and unique! For this particular design, did you use a mouse or a tablet?
iRUNaway: I use a mouse for all my designs. But, I'm considering buying a tablet.

HopeLuvs: I've heard good things about tablets! I've always wanted one. Was there a time which the set was SO popular, and that everyone was wearing it?
iRUNaway: Um, not really.

HopeLuvs: Which brings us to the next question! How many parts have you made so far?
iRUNaway: I've made 21 parts so far on this account (which I just restocked). But that'll be it for this account. I'm designing on others now!

HopeLuvs: Ohhh! I shall keep an eye out!! When did you start designing?
iRUNaway: A week after I made this account. This wasn't my first account I've ever had, but it is the first one I've designed on . . . so far.

HopeLuvs: Final question for today, do you have any words of advice for beginning designers?
iRUNaway: Look up your favorite styles on the Internet and start by making a basic outline for the shirt. From then on, you can do all of your detailing.

Overall, I had an awesome time interviewing her! Personally, I think this design is amazing, I'd even wear it myself! It's wonderful for themed beauty contests (wink wink). To get a hold of one, try searching for it on the BBS, if you're interested in it! Now, I shall show you a way to incorporate it into your avatar's look.

I incorporated eyes that is a beautiful color that matches the whole flow, along with a flower in her hair, that matches the dress as well! This is JUST a suggestion, so you can get an idea of how to incorporate it into the avatar's look!

Thank you for joining us this week on "Behind the Design", and I hope to see you next week!

Author's Note: I thank iRUNaway for taking the time to be interviewed, and I hope all the readers enjoy my new reformatting of my article! Enjoy.


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