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A Devious Woman, Ms. Suzanne Collins

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"The Hunger Games". Ah yes, a truly magnificent work of art by Suzanne Collins. It includes all of our favorites: romance, action, war, and suspense. How could someone dislike this story? Well, I can explain.

This book captivates you from the first moment you pick it up. Katniss is a loving, teenage girl who wants nothing more to protect her younger sister, Prim. You can't help but think this sisterly bond is real. Then when Peeta announces his true love for Katniss in front of the entire nation, the fangirl in your heart starts to melt. How can someone include so much love and happiness into a book full of such sorrow? I have the answer. Suzanne Collins is an evil genius.

Everyone raves about the Hunger Games series. You are pretty much forced to fall in love with Peeta, Gale, and oh Rue! There are so many emotions running inside the reader. I know when Katniss realized Glimmer was one of the mutations, I was full of fear and excitement. I was hoping Katniss would whack any trace of life still left in her. At the same time, I felt sadness. She was so young and beautiful and now changed into evil. See what I mean? SO MANY EMOTIONS!

As soon as you put this book down, it becomes clear Suzanne has taken over your life. You begin to think of the characters and worry for their sake. What is Cato doing now? Is he inching closer to Katniss? How much has Haymitch have to drink? You can't stand the thought of not knowing, so you keep reading and reading and reading.

At one point the book has to come to an end right? Just when it does, you feel a moment of satisfaction and feel as though your life is slowly coming back to you. Then you realize, there's the next book. You need to know what's going to happen. You instantly go to the library, go to the store, or use your handy Kindle/Nook to acquire the book. Your face lights up when you begin to read.

Once again, your life is destroyed. This time, however, you're able to pull yourself away for a few moments at time only to see your babbling nonsense to your friends or killing the replay button on the movie trailer. You may even experience tiredness and dehydration because you're trying that hard to become part of the book.

These are the side-effects Ms. Collins has forgotten to record in her book. She has forgotten to inform innocent teens will be losing their lives and forever will be devoted to her writing. She has forgotten to mention, I would start having dreams about meeting these characters. She has forgotten to say she is a thief of life.

I must mention, if I would've known what I was going into I might not have gone through reading the book. Being a fangirl is very tough, you know? Having to constantly check Youtube comments to make sure no one's attacking your favorite characters, updating text signatures to "HG!X3" or some other nonsense, and making sure you're talking non stop about the movie.

So please,
Young child, friend or foe,
Do not pick up that book.
For you do not know.

What lies beneath the thin, crunchy pages.
A world beyond your wildest imagination.

So I warn,
Please be careful!

If you do become trapped,
Make sure you're very faithful.

Author's Note: This book is a fabulous read, although it really will take over your life. I'm on "Mockingjay" this moment and look, I take five seconds to return to reality and I'm writing about it! So . . . reader, may the odds be ever in your favor when reading this book! PS - excuse my rambling, it's just this is my first time as a fangirl of a book.


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