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Holiday Mixup

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Merry Christmas, everyone! Wait - Thanksgiving isn't even 'til Thursday, right?

Walking into almost any store today, right now, one could find an assortment of Christmas decorations, clothing, cookies, and stockings, all accompanied by the ever so jolly Christmas music playing in the background. Commercials and advertisements are plastered with their newest holiday sales, and Santa Claus is already set up for pictures at the mall! What really iced the cake for me was the fact that my town's Christmas parade was this past Saturday. That's right, the weekend before Thanksgiving!

Do people have their holidays mixed up? Is Thanksgiving obsolete? Have aliens been sending me a fake calendar all this time? I'm not quite sure what's going on, but I've decided to interview some Whyvillians and see what they think about the situation.

xoxkitkat: Have you noticed any early signs of Christmas preparation around you?

natnat10: Yes. Many stores are starting to sell Christmas items.
SpOrTyAx: Yes. The commercial where the Target lady is getting ready for Black Friday and all that stuff. On Whyville many people are designing Christmas parts already.
andy43376: Yes I have. Many people have been putting up Christmas lights and decorating their front yard already. One of my friends even has her Christmas tree up!
iberosy: Yes, I see people already putting up decorations and dressing up their avatars on Whyville!

xoxkitkat: Have you started preparing for the Christmas season?

natnat10: No. I'm getting ready for Thanksgiving first.
SpOrTyAx: Nope. Unless making a list of stores to go to for Black Friday counts . . .
andy43376: Nope, my family doesn't do anything until after Thanksgiving. Although, we have been doing some early Christmas shopping.
iberosy: Yes, haha, actually today. We just started decorating the outside of our house.

xoxkitkat: Does it feel to you like Christmas came sooner this year than the year before?

natnat10: I honestly like that Christmas is coming earlier. I love Christmas, it's my favorite holiday. I just love everything about it.
SpOrTyAx: I didn't pay much attention to last year, but I guess.
andy43376: Not really, all this hype usually happens around this time.
iberosy: Yes, it feels that way to me.

xoxkitkat: What do you think is the reason behind the prolonged Christmas season?

natnat10: I think people want Christmas to come faster, because like me, they love Christmas. And stores love making money off of Christmas items.
SpOrTyAx: People forgot about Thanksgiving or are way too excited for Christmas.
andy43376: Maybe people are anticipating it more this year.
iberosy: Christmas products were put up too early! I went to Walmart the other day and saw a bunch of Christmas stuff and not a lot of Thanksgiving. It's like they forgot about it!

xoxkitkat: Do you think Christmas starts too early or do you like the longer holiday season?

natnat10: I like the longer holiday season because it's just more food for myself. Just kidding!
SpOrTyAx: It doesn't really bother me, I like the longer holiday season!
andy43376: I enjoy the longer season, I don't think it is too early to get ready.
iberosy: No, I love the longer holiday season!

There you have it! Thanks to natnat10, SpOrTyAx, andy43376, and iberosy for their wonderful responses! I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday season, no matter what you're celebrating!



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