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If You're Poor Like Me: Mascara Magic

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Right now, I do not have very much money to spend on myself. The holiday season is coming up, and whatever cash I have is going to presents for my family and friends. I don't have much to spend on makeup, clothes, or other beauty products, even if they're reasonably priced. Every time I look in a fashion magazine I see at least one good fashion or makeup tip, but I never have the right supplies, or the money to go out and purchase whatever product was being advertised. In this series, there will be several tips on how to make do with you have, while using unlikely products to come up with the solutions you want.

I got really tired of my mascara.

A few months ago, I purchased Revlon brand mascara from my local drug store. Once I took it home and opened it, I realized that the bristles were terrible; they picked up excess mascara each time the wand was put in the bottle again, and the amount of mascara it put on my eyelashes made them feel like they weighed ten pounds. I'd been trying to use it up so I could have an excuse to buy new mascara, but the bottle just wouldn't quit producing more mascara.

I missed my old mascaras.

If you're like me, you have a bazillion old mascaras lying around your room. They have long been empty and useless, but for some reason you've never gotten around to pitching them. I have loved all my old mascaras, and I really did miss them. For the longest time, I had just let the dead mascaras lay around with no purpose, and up until a few days ago, they were a waste of space.

The aha moment

One morning when I was applying mascara, I missed my eye and got mascara all down the side of my face. While I was scrubbing and scrubbing to get it off, I noticed my mascara from a year or so ago. It was just lying there, untouched, unusable, unloved. That's when I thought, ?What if I could use the wand from this mascara instead of my horrible one??

So I did.

I dunked the old wand into my horrible mascara bottle, and my lashes sang in delight.

If you want to try this yourself

Now, what I did there was potentially dangerous. Since that mascara hadn't been used in forever, there was a chance that bacteria could have grown on the bristles, and then gotten into my eyes. Thankfully, I do not have any severe eye diseases from my mascara-wand reunion.

In order to reuse old mascara wands with your current mascara bottle, you need to wash the bristles with warm water and soap.

Once you are done washing your mascara wands, you need to let them dry on a wash cloth of your choice.

You should now have several new wands to dip in your mascara bottle!


You may need to use a washcloth or old toothbrush to wash your mascara wands. If not, your hand will get extremely messy and be VERY hard to clean.

Also, the water you are washing your wands in will turn a disturbing and slightly concerning color. It may cause your sink to have black scum in it or a blackish tint. Do not fret - this coloring will go away shortly.

Happy music starts playing

Now, your old mascara wands have use again, and you won't have to use the one you dislike anymore! For a good place to store your other wands, I would suggest, to the best of your ability, washing out the inside of your old mascara tubes. This way, if any bacteria grew inside your old mascara containers, none gets on your newly washed brushes. Hopefully, you now have several new ways to use your mascara without costing you any money and hardly time.


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