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Whyville Christmas Looks: Girls

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It's that time of the year again. All over the world people will be celebrating the special day, the day Jesus was born, the day where we all come together to have a big feast. Yep, it's Christmas and even on Whyville we're celebrating it. Designers are making new Christmas clothing and decorations for us to wear. So I was thinking, why don't I do an article of the top looks for Christmas? I am going to share with you with in stock items (and not) to give you an idea of a fabulous Christmas look to wear on Whyville!

This look is for those who like to wear rares. This look contains a short blonde hair, called Hugs Are Nice, a red Christmas dress which is called Here The Sleigh Bells Ringing, a Wooly Christmas hat to warm your cold head from the snow (or purchase the hat from the set Here the Sleigh Bells ringing) and a hand which is holding the face part called Jelly Swirl. You can get the Wooly Christmas hat and Jelly swirl in Akbar's. You can simply use any eyes, nose or lips/mouth for this look. This the kind of look for those who love to look cute!

Cost estimated: 7000 clams

Mrs. Claus! That's the two words to describe this look. The look of Santa's wife! Most of these parts are designed from leebop. This also has the same Wooly hat from the last look, with long blonde hair called Bombay. The dress is named Mrs Claus. You can wear any eyes, nose and lips and to make it even more look like Mrs. Claus you might want to wear glasses! Maybe some glasses that sit on her nose or huge glasses to fit right around her eyes. You can play around with this look.

Cost estimated: 700 clams

What can I say, I'm a geek about Christmas. Do you like to wear big glasses and eat Cherry Pie? Well you might want to check out this look. The hair is called Bipolar Disorder which fits well with the glasses made by iRUNaway. The red dress is named Dedicated follower of fashion, isn't it pretty? I thought about what we eat at Christmas and in my family we have cherry pie. So why wouldn't I add it in into the look? I find this look a look for those who like to goof around on Christmas, make everyone laugh and always have a lot of fun.

Cost estimated: 700 clams

Let's get away from red and get into green! This look is pretty cheap and easy to do. The shirt is called CHRISTMAS READY and the bandanna is called CHRISTMAS BANDANA. I thought since of all the bright colors maybe have a dark hair, like black or brown. The white scarf comes with the shirt. Isn't it cute?

Cost estimated : 400 clams

So there we have it. Some ideas for an awesome Christmas look. You can even create your own look and remember that these looks that I've shown you are four out of . . . 1 . . . 2 . . . 3 . . . 4 . . . 5 . . . 6 . . . Lets just say there are a lot of Christmas looks to try out. Have a awesome Christmas guys!


Authors Note: If any boys want me to do an article for Christmas looks, please y-mail me.


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