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Fabulously Frugal: Winter Edition

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Hey readers! I'd like to start with saying that I'm so sorry I haven't made an article in such a long time. I don't usually condone making excuses, but I have definitely been busy since the school year started. I really don't want my articles to become solely seasonal, so hopefully this changes soon. However, I really wanted to make an article with all different winter looks, since this cold weather's coming fast and I've seen so many different coats for $70, $80, $100, and even more. I personally find this concept ridiculous, and I've found 3 different coats (and a vest) that are each under $45. With these items, I've put together four unique and trendy outfits that (hopefully) you'll enjoy.

I really wanted to put together an outfit that was a little girly and a little rock. I mean, who wouldn't love that combination? The colors are cool (just like the weather), and it'll keep you warm through the winter. I apologize for the lack of shoes, but this outfit could easily be paired with any pair of boots or sneakers, it would look fabulous either way. The wayfarer glasses do seem like an item that should have been left in summer. however, with snow comes this intense brightness that can be overbearing without eye-protection (plus, it completes the outfit in my opinion).

Jacket: $20 Delias.com
Jeans: $25 Tillys.com
Gloves: $6 (for 2 pairs) Kohls.com
Sunglasses: $10 Hottopic.com

I also really wanted to accompany the girly rock look with a look that simply punk. Of course, the magenta pants may give it a girly feel, but overall, the leather jacket really gives the outfit that pop of punk.

Jacket: $30 Tillys.com
Jeans: $25 Forever21.com
Knit top: $21 Gillyhicks.com
Moccasins: $22 Kohls.com
Beanie: $8 Forever21.com

I also decided to counter these punk outfits with a super sweet outfit. The combination of a simple plaid skirt and the color scheme make this outfit innocent and adorable. Plus, the wool tights, legwarmers, and moccasins will keep your feet and legs as toasty warm as fur-lined boots would. It's a win-win situation all the way.

Vest: $30 Oldnavy.gap.com
Thermal: $13 Tillys.com
Skirt: $16 Hollisterco.com
Tights: $16 Woolrich.com
Moccasins: $27 Payless.com
Legwarmers: $14 Lordandtaylor.com

I chose to end this article with a look that's put-together but still has a boho vibe. The fitted peacoat of course gives the outfit a sleek, preppy appearance, and the yellow color is just wonderful (of course, I may be biased, considering yellow's my all time favorite color), however, the lacy boots and the faded crossbody bag give the outfit a vintage flare, it's the best of both worlds. And the idea of the gauze scarf and white (as snow) pants just screamed winter to me. To me, this look would be perfect for school, and would be also great for work or any other occasion where you just want to look nice.

Coat: $45 Oldnavy.gap.com
Pants: $25 Wetseal.com
Boots: $35 Buckle.com
Bag: $38 Nordstrom.com
Scarf: $24 Nordstrom.com

There you have it, folks, four different outfits for four different people (unless you're like me, and you'll wear just about anything). Thanks for reading and have a great holiday season!



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