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Interviewing Rich Whyvillians

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We all want to earn clams. We see people around Whyville in the chat rooms asking for clams and we know that sometimes they never even bothered trying themselves. There's posts all over the BBS about earning clams and people asking for clams. But what is the real secret behind earning clams? In this interview I will dig deeper on how to earn those sweet, sweet clams. After doing my research, I've gathered a group of Whyvillians who have been able to earn a few big bucks. I was fortunate enough to get very deep information from these people.

Willv14: How many clams do you currently have?

Cathris: About 3 million.
DibIsHot: 1,251,852
shelli223: 1,150,000
HotTrent1: I currently have 808,513 clams.
Severen: Right now, I have about 1,381,342.72 clams all together. It was lessened from 1.5 million a bit ago due to a huge spending spree.
Emily3231: I currently have 992,787 clams and in about a week or so it will hopefully turn into a million.
rickyspeo: Somewhere in the neighborhood of around 15 million.
jelloroks: About 230k. (230,000)
andy43376: Around 370k.
Futile: 24 million.

Willv14: How did you manage to earn that much?

Cathris: Donations from friends, selling parts, playing games, etc.
DibIsHot: I've been using this account since 2004 and I've played every single salary game (some I still haven't beaten, especially botball, LoL, I just don't get it). Included in those games are some that aren't available today. I was also very active at that time and had multiple accounts, raised the salary, signed on every day and periodically transfered those clams to this account. Over the years I took breaks; I didn't have very many friends on it but I liked changing my face so I would still sign on. Then they added Bankinter and that's when I got seriously rich. In February of 2009 I deposited my first CD with 54k. I've been continuing to do that and it just grows and grows.
shelli223: Back in 2002, I started to design face parts. Anyone could use the face factory then, you didn't need a Face Factory Voucher or a Why-Pass. I made a lot of lips in different colors, because it was something easy that I could do quickly. I even made a couple hairs and eyes. I made a lot of clams off of my designs, even though they weren't very good. I still design, but now you have to be good in order to make anything off of it because there are so many talented designers on Whyville now. People won't buy my ugly parts anymore. Fortunately, I got better at designing, so I've designed a few good things and only stocked a few of each of the decent parts and sold some on the BBS for inflated prices.
When we got Bankinter, that's when I started to really make a lot. I always have most of my clams in a CD for 6 weeks at a time, to get the most interest. Once I got a few hundred thousand over a million, I decided I was always going to keep one million locked away in a CD so that I wouldn't spend it. So, if I put away 847,458 clams, I get back one million clams at the end of six weeks. I also only keep less than 20,000 in my checking account; the rest goes into my savings.
Another easy way I make lots of clams is by buying new arrivals in Akbar's and selling them for ridiculously high prices. Every day at 8:03 am Why-Time I'm at my computer ready for the new arrivals to come out. I snatch up anything that looks decent, and then head over to the BBS to see what other people are selling from the new arrivals. Any decent part that sells out at Akbar's right away you can sell for at least 10k. If you're lucky enough to get a salsadoll, cosinki, or something by another well-known designer, you could get anywhere from 50k to 150k for a single part. That's where the money's at now. Anyone with 300 clams, time to go on the computer at new arrivals time, and a quick Internet connection can buy one good new arrival and turn that 300 clams into more than a hundred times what they paid for it in Akbar's!
Another good source of income is my salary. My salary is currently 265 clams, and that's pretty high for the average Whyvillian. It's important to have a high salary if you have a shop at Akbar's, because you can only sell a part for as high as your salary is. If I come on Whyville every day, which I try to do, I can make almost 100,000 clams a year just from my salary alone.
HotTrent1: I earned that many because I got into selling rares, new arrivals, and restocks which is kind of complicated but simple once you get it. I also use the Certificate of Deposition often referred to as a CD. That helps a lot as well.
Severen: I initially won my million from iCoutures beauty contest awhile back. I earned the other clams on my own by selling different items and by using CD's.
Emily3231: I managed to earn this money by buying and selling to make profits, a lot! For example you buy something for 50,000 then sell it for 60,000 you just made 10,000 clams. Also I play fun games that I like for example my favorite and easiest is Planeworks, its a fun challenge, and salary!
rickyspeo: I earned my initial 400,000 by having a couple popular parts in the face mall, then I got lucky and happened to get some rare parts which I sold. then, I just kept putting every spare clam I had into CDs and the money grew in there.
jelloroks: Just by saving up really. Putting all my clams in CD's, earning a high salary, occasionally playing games, selling parts, it all adds up.
andy43376: Selling rares/ New Arrivals.
Futile: I usually sell rare parts or play a lot of games, also my ledger on different accounts come in handy too.

willv14: What's the largest amount of clams you've ever had?

cathris: 4 million.
DibIsHot: What I had this morning, I spent some at Akbar's.
shelli223: Probably about 1.5 million.
HotTrent1: I don't remember specifically but I believe it was around 815,000.
Severen: The largest amount of clams I ever had was around 2.2 million.
Emily3231: The largest amount of clams I've had is how much I currently have.
rickyspeo: The amount I have now is the largest amount. After I hit 5 million I stopped caring and started giving large amounts away because there were more than I could spend.
jelloroks: Maybe like 300k.
andy43376: Around 1.2m.
Futile: Like, 70 million.

willv14: Any Tips?

cathris: Don't beg for clams, it doesn't get you anywhere!
DibIsHot: Deposit clams in CDs, try your best to snag New Arrivals to sell for many thousands, sign on every day, and increase your salary.
shelli223: No, sorry.
HotTrent1: I would say that the rare, new arrival, and restock business is going to get you some clams. When you have a lot of clams, say around 200,000 clams, you should put at least half of it for a CD for however long you want depending on how patient you are.
Severen: It all boils down to D.E.T.S.
You need to D.EVOTE your E.NERGY, T.IME, and S.KILL to your own unique way of making clams. If you aren't working at full potential, or aren't going through with a plan that works you won't make much. But don't worry, I'm sure that you'll succeed if you just try.
Emily3231: And one tip is to raise your salary and go on everyday and you'll get cams and spend free time playing as many games as you can, I suggest Planeworks cause its fun and easy!
rickyspeo: CDs! Get your salary up. Pay attention to the trends in face parts and design some hairs to match.
jelloroks: For quick clams, microbe wars and Planeworks Wingfling are great games. If you have more patience, clicking the right scion earns you 40 clams, plus extra for accuracy. Also put all your clams in a CD for six weeks to get interest. It's free clams for just not spending it!
andy43376: Be around for New Arrivals.
Futile: Just try to get as many rare parts as possible, or raise your ledger, play games and make good friends that can lend you some clams maybe.

Thank you everyone for taking time out of your day to answer these questions and provide an in depth article.


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