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When you think of phrases to describe your fellow Whyvillians, what probably comes to mind are things like nice, funny, awesome avatars, rich beyond imagination, poor as dirt, good designer, witty, or maybe even a little sarcastic. Maybe all those things are true, but what you might not know is that there's so much more to that person than they may let through. There are amazing and interesting things about your friends that they may not have even thought about sharing. Sometimes, those weird little details that we don't normally share about ourselves are the most interesting of all! So, I went around Whyville to find out all the fun facts about our citizens that no one else knows.

Did you know . . .

Ginaxluv has 26 pets and none of them are fish?

RoxRoxie has eaten tofu nuggets before?

Icegirl68 is 5'11" and only 13 years old?

Iynne can cross one of her eyes, with the other going straight up, but only if her tongue is sticking out?

Jts2000 likes to collect state coins?

Doodle971 collects the ticket stubs from movie theaters and sticks them on a bulletin board in her room?

Ibecarlie goes running at 3 A.M every morning to train for cross country and other sports?

Deadsnaii likes eggs?

Katiekewl can type three 160 word text messages in 1 minute without using abbreviations?

Leprosy shares a birthday with his brother, who's 9 years older than him?

While talking to the different people around Whyville, I found out a lot of cool things that I never knew about them before. I definitely gained a new perspective on my fellow Whyvillians, and was pretty amazed at the different things that they like to do. I'd like to thank all the people listed above for sharing these fun facts about their life!

Now, what's a cool fact about you that no one else knows? Share your answers in the BBS comments!



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