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Justin Bieber?

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A rumor spreading like wildfire around Whyville is that Justin Bieber was scheduled to perform a concert on Whyville today, December 4th, 2011. There have been threads made questioning it in the forums, and citizens have been eagerly talking about it in the chat rooms as well, wondering if this is true or not, and if so, why hasn't anything been said about it by the City Workers? I myself, received a y-mail from a friend stating, "JUSTIN BIEBER IS COMING TO WHYVILLE!"

The rumor started on Whyville's Wikipedia page under the category of 'Whyville and Popular Culture'. The entry read that "Justin Bieber is set to perform a concert on Whyville on December 4th, 2011."

Now, if you don't already know, Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that is open for anyone on the Internet to edit the content within each article. Keeping this in mind when questioning the validity of this newest rumor, it is very well possible that a troublesome Whyvillian who wanted to stir up some fun decided to go into Whyville's Wikipedia page and change the information themselves.

Following this same idea, if a big event such as a Justin Bieber concert were to be happening on Whyville, the City Workers most likely would have made a grand announcement letting everyone in Whyville know the time and place so you could snag a good seat. Yet, no announcement has been made.

Personally, I think this is just a rumor and nothing more. The whole situation seems way too far-fetched to be true. Who knows though? Anything can happen! If Justin Bieber ends up doing a surprise concert, you can tell me, 'I told you so!



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