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Math Troubles

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Do you dislike math? Do you get low grades on every test? If you are one of these people, read on.

First, you need to recognize why you dislike math or have trouble with math. Identify your situation below:

Situation 1:

" . . . and that's how you multiply improper fractions. Okay guys, please do the problems on page 198, 1 - 15. If you don't finish, it's extra homework." finishes your teacher.

Wait, what? You look at the notes you just copied off the board. How do you do this? You look around. Everyone is speeding through the problems. You're afraid of embarrassing yourself by being the only one with a question. Besides, it would take all period to get help on two or three problems. You stare for a long time, and the bell rings. Oh no, extra homework for you!

Situation 2:

" . . .and here is your test. Remember, this is 15% of your grade, so pace yourself! You should've done half of the problems yesterday, and today is your last day. And . . . start!" finishes your teacher.

Half the problems? You only did six! Your grade is already low enough, you need to finish this test! You look around . . . pens clicking, fingers drumming, tapping feet . . . you can't concentrate! You start a problem and . . . RING! the bell rings. One grade down for you. Oh well, at least you tried.

Situation 3:

You read the homework assignment. Page 164, 1-25. Hmmm . . . too hard! You would probably get them all wrong anyway. Whatever, your grade can't get any worse.

You receive your report card. You get good grades except for . . . of course, Math. You're lucky to get that D. It says: Does not turn in homework, 28 missing assignments. You sigh. You wish you can do it, but you're so bad it'd be better to not do anything at all!

Did you pick one? If you did, here is an answer to your problem:

Situation 1: Afraid to Ask - You're afraid to ask questions! Don't be embarrassed to get some help, and go during lunch or after school if you need to. Your teacher would most likely happily help out with your questions! You can also ask for some easier problems as well, or schedule days to come for math help.

Situation 2: Distracted Easily - You don't have trouble with math, you're just distracted easily! No pencil, clicking pens, tapping feet, ugh! Before you go to class on a test day, make sure you have the required materials. If you need to, ask your teacher if you can have a quieter spot to do your work.

Situation 3: No Self-Confidence - Okay, maybe not completely no self-confidence, but you defiantly lack it when it comes to this. You need to believe in yourself. If you at least try, you can bump up your grade a level or two. If you don't understand it, you should follow the instructions for Situation 1.

I hope this helps some of your troubles! Stay tuned for next article; I'll be talking about problems where you feel lonely.

Author's Note: These are all possible for any subject, but Math seems to be the common subject that has low grades.


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