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Temporary Dream

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Are we meant to meet, to love, intertwine as one, a whole or are we just lost beings seeking temporary comfort? Will my love be enough to glue us together permanently or we eventually drift off like the clouds drift towards the sea? Are we meant to be like the color of the sky is meant to represent the utmost indescribably emotion in my head? Were our paths already chosen and written into a sacred book or will we be responsible for carving them out of mineral stone?

Will this ever change or will we remain forever young, lost and broken until put together? Fore, I'm lost in this world, I even lose myself in your eyes. Let this feeling sink into my weakened heart and replace the vast emptiness we stare out against. Let it be just you and I against the world as we wonder aimlessly for an answer. If roses are meant to represent your flushed cheeks then do the ever so blue violets represent the down to earth feeling in me? Just remain purely innocent, beautiful, mine.

Allow us to smell the salty air on our tongues and feel the cold refreshing water on our skin. If I lay my head down on the welcoming sand, will you promise to stay near me? Don't venture away too far or you'll be found, my angel. Let us remain lost, unwanted yet desirable together. I inhale and you'll exhale, then reverse the order, as long as I hear the steady pace of your heart. As long as you remain close, I'll be the safest lost warrior in the history of nothing.

Hold my hand and never let it go as my head spins around and around. Whisper comforting words into my ear as my world is shaking and breaking before my very eyes. Tell them to go away, I wish nothing from them other then to be left in the hands of no other than yours. Let me be lost, forgotten and carelessly misplaced into this world. Stay near me for the last couple of seconds before I'm violently shaken to reality. Shaken away from you as we break free, away from each other and become permanently lost warriors, lost and alone.


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