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What If When

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What if when we die, we don't even notice? And after your heart tops beating, you blink and everything is how you always wanted it to be? The walls aren't black and gray anymore, due to only the low lighting, and the carpets are no longer filled with holes and gloomy. When your eyes open the walls become bright orange, and the carpets turn gold right under your feet. Then your toes get a ticklish sensation and you smile because that's the sensation of perfection. Well, if that were true, maybe there really is no reason to be afraid.

What if when we dream, it's really someone else's life? And they wake up to that life everyday and dream about yours. What if your nightmares are another person's problems, and your daydreams are another person's way of life? And they think everyday that you must have a good life, being that your parents are always around, but then again they don't understand you. And what if your nightmares became so vivid that you started living in them, too? Well, that would mean you could understand them and then maybe they'll try to understand you.

What if when everyone thinks of yellow, some see blue, red, or green? And everybody sees different colors, and to you yellow is green but you don't know it, because it's been yellow all your life. And we all think different colors are called yellow (or black, or blue), but since it was all taught by a teacher who thought everything they knew was right, no one ever knew? What if to some people, you were deep dark blue, and to others, you were lilac purple, too? If it was like that, I bet you wouldn't even care. Lilacs are pretty.

What if when the generations get smarter, the world was divided into pretties and uglies? And when you turned eighteen, you got to be a pretty no matter what? Would you live in that world? I would run away, to be with my ugly friends, because if you're surrounded by uglies, is anyone really ugly? What if you were brainwashed into thinking that if you're not pretty, you're nothing? I don't think you'd even mind, considering you're wishing right now that the world was divided that way.

What if when it turned night, sky got dark and never turned light again? What if the color blue drained from everything and the sky was always black? And the sun died but it's heat didn't? Would you lend me your flashlight or would you keep it to yourself?

I'd give you mine . . . for a if you promised we could share.

Also, what if one day, you disappeared and got stuck in reflections for eternity? Do you think I'd come looking for you? Maybe . . . but what if that were a dream of mine? What if someone else were living that? I'd have to look for them first, because what if it were a dream.

What if only one person understands the message, and the one that does is just the right one for it? What if they were the only one to deserve it? Well, then they'd be a lucky person . . . what a friend . . .


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