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Melted Crayon Art

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Are you bored on weekends? Sitting around on the couch watching television? Do you want something crazy, something fun to do? Well, keep on reading because I have a fun crafty activity for you to do! All you need is a white canvas, a box of crayons and a hot glue (Be careful with the hot glue). If you don't have any on these at home this could cost you an estimated $10.00. But it's worth it! This activity is called Melted Crayon art, that you can hang up in the living room or in your bedroom to brighten up the room!

First step you'd need to do is get out your pack of crayons, a pack with around 25 crayons (Depending on your canvas size) Order them in the colors you like. For an example you could have your dark colors (blues, purples, greens . . .) and then going up to the brighter colors (orange, yellow, pink . . .). Try to reject the blacks, browns and gray crayons which can make your art look more dull. This art is bright and vibrant. But if you'd like to add in your browns, blacks and gray crayons you're more than welcome to.

With this next step you have to peel off all the labels. I know this doesn't look like the most funnest part. It looks strange and unnatural with the labels on. But it's worth it.

After you've peeled off the labels hot glue on the crayons facing downwards. Make sure there aren't any loose crayons. I prefer to do this outside with a few layers of newspaper. Have the canvas set upwards with a stand or you can just hold it (your arm will get sore). To melt the crayons use a hairdrier on the highest heat. It takes time melting the crayons to perfection. It takes quiet some time for them to melt. I recommend you to wear shorts and a shirt when doing this because you might sweat! And who likes a sticky back?

Try focusing on one area when melting the crayons, then move along as they start to melt. Otherwise if your moving the hairdrier all around the canvas they really won't melt.

Isn't it beautiful? It does take time to make it, but it's worth it. You can hang this up anywhere or even give this to someone for a birthday or Christmas present.

Have a Merry Christmas Whyville!

Total Time Spent: 1 and a half hour


Author's Note: Sources http://unsimpleliving.wordpress.com/2011/08/02/melted-crayon-art/


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