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Mission: Get Santa

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'Twas the night before Christmas and three children: Rosy, Melanie, and Moon, were sitting around the fireplace enjoying their night as anyone else would. They were eagerly awaiting Santa's visit, which was sure to bring them a shower of the most amazing presents anyone had ever seen! To only add to the flurry of excitement swirling through the air, it appeared that dear little Rosy had stumbled upon a copy of Santa's "Naughty and Nice" list!

As they unraveled the magical list, their eyes scoured the parchment, searching intently for their very own names. To their dismay, they were on the NAUGHTY list! Although it's no wonder why, when they go around stealing Santa's important papers . . .

The girls were obviously infuriated with the idea of Santa putting them on the naughty list. After all, who wants coal for Christmas?! Well, possibly a train conductor, but not these girls. Anyway, the three began to plot the very ruthless demise of Santa Claus!

Rosy, Melanie, and Moon got on their battle gear and got their very intricate array of weaponry at the ready. Rosy was to be the lookout, and at the command of their ever so inconspicuous signal, 'Bacony Pandas', Moon and Melanie would attack.

After a brief wait, Rosy heard Santa making his way down the chimney and gave her cohorts the green light.

The very second Santa Claus popped out of the chimney, all ham broke loose - WAIT COME BACK THAT WAS FOR CHRISTMAS DINNER! Oh, and the three girls attacked Santa too.

The girls bound and chained the not-so-jolly old man and stuffed him in a closet, where they wreaked their horrific vengeance through force feeding him a strict diet of fruits and vegetables. Melanie, on the other hand, sat there dangling her milk and cookies in front of a very despairing Santa.

Back at the North Pole, someone had issued a S.A.N.T.A distress call, as it was almost Christmas and there was not hide nor tail of ol' St. Nick in sight. So the team of highly trained ninja elves broke in on the scene to save Santa! However, as soon as the girls saw the imposing threat, they ran out the nearest exit, throwing fruit at the elves and dragging the gargantuan Santa Claus behind them.

After but a few yards of running, Moon could no longer carry Santa and fell to the ground in exhaustion. Rosy and Melanie couldn't leave her behind, so they began to battle the ninja elves with their highly nutritious fruit and intense glaring skills.

But alas! The piercing glares and threats of healthy food were no match for the ninja elves and their hammers, freeze rays, and pointy ears. Santa Claus, however, never wanted to see another devilish child as long as he lived and retired from his duties to let Santa Claus Jr. take over.

I suppose the lesson we can all learn from this is to never mess with someone who has pointy ears, because they WILL kick your butt. Oh, and also maybe to be good and keep off the naughty list in the first place.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!
- Xoxkitkat and Hopeluvs

Author's Note: Thank you to PAlNTlNG and iberosy for acting in the comic!


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